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TKART magazine Must Have | Tools and spare parts for a basic check-up of Easykart engines
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Giacomo Mantovani
15 November 2022 • 5 min. read
The Easykart trophy is the single-brand championship promoted by Birel ART (one of the largest manufacturers of chassis and accessories for karting in the world). This competition aims to bring many fans, even beginners, to the world of karting, and to allow amateurs to practice this sport at low cost. For this reason the regulations are very stringent: practically no changes are allowed while the accessories and spare parts that can be used are only those produced or marketed by Birel ART. Precisely to contain costs, Easykart participants tend to carry out the maintenance of their kart "at home". If you are one of them, then know that it is essential for you to read the article "Expert Advice - Easykart: the 9 basic checks to do on engines, periodically or before buying a used one". Combined with this, here is a “Must have” which describes in detail which tools and spare parts are needed to independently manage the check-up described in the "Expert advice".



The battery used for the electric starting of all BMB engines for Easykart is the LIPO 35c model, under the FreeLine brand. It is a fundamental accessory, since it ensures the starting of the engine and for this reason it must be stored and used with care. Having a spare one with you is therefore a good habit, so as not to adversely affect a day on the track or a race. If well preserved, used and recharged, it can last a very long time. On the other hand, you must be careful not to let it go completely flat, because you risk irreparable damage and buying it new costs almost 150 Euros. So be careful when you buy a used kart and the seller tells you “the kart will not start at the moment because the battery is flat, but just recharge it”: because it could be completely flat and therefore irrecoverable. So, in addition to the price of the kart you are dealing with, you will also have to add that of a new battery.
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