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TKART magazine Must Have | An accelerator lever behind the seat to make starting easier
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Max Bernardi
28 June 2019
International karting competitions are not only a great show, but also an inexhaustible forge of tips and little tricks which can help all kart drivers during their outings at the track. Those who struggle to start the kart by pushing it, for example, could use the idea of installing a lever connected to the accelerator wire on the back of the seat, in order to help starting the engine


Push starting the kart is not a simple thing. One needs practice, as experienced by all those drivers who at least once in the past,  had to start a 100 cc Kart engine.  Even for today’s OK and OKJ categories, the procedure is similar and, although it is simplified by the presence of the pressure relief valve, the operation remains difficult for the younger OK-Junior drivers, especially if they have to restart an engine that shut-off during the race. To facilitate this operation, several paddock technicians have installed a lever connected to the accelerator wire behind the seat. Using this method, while pushing the kart the driver can accelerate slightly, thus helping the engine in the starting phase.

Indicative price

For a few Euro

As seen done on the karts of the Kart Republic team during the 3rd round of the 2019n FIA Karting European Championship in Kristianstad, Sweden


Monitoring the weather conditions is an important aspect in order to define the optimal carburetion of the engine. TM Racing, a well-known manufacturer of kart’s engines, provides a vehicle service on the track at all of the most important international karting events. TM Karting technicians, therefore, are well aware of the importance of monitoring the weather conditions. In fact, they always have a telemeter at hand to check air pressure, temperature and humidity. Even a slight variation of these parameters can result in an engine’s performance changing, hence having the meteorological data always at hand helps modifying the carburation in order to optimize the performance of engines with a guillotine carburetor.

Indicative price

50,00 euro circa

Seen to be used by the TM Racing technicians at the 3rd round of the 2019 FIA Karting European Championship in Kristianstad, Sweden
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