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Must Have | “Smart” accessories for kart seats

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05 October 2021

In karting, the seat is a crucial element as regards ergonomics, but above all, in regard to the balance of the vehicle: so let’s see some intelligent accessories that can be useful to drivers and, in some cases, to kart maintenance personnel.



It is important to fasten the radiator tube not to have pressure drops in the system and thus prevent your cooling system from losing efficiency. For these reasons, or purely as a matter of attention to detail, we often find ourselves adopting improvised and precarious solutions, using plastic clamps to hold the tube that passes behind the driver’s back. However, there is a special support, made by New-Line Racing, which at a negligible cost allows you to fasten the tube correctly. Thanks to its “hook” profile it also allows the tube to be removed from the support quickly and at any time. The support is fastened to the rear of the seat by means of a screw. It is available in various colours.

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About 2 euro

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Photo Credit: BluKart

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