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TKART magazine Must Have | 5 carbon helmets (approved) for adults
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Jacopo Colombo
29 March 2022
The helmet is the first driver protection system that comes to mind when thinking about motorsport, including karting. It is known, however, that in addition to protecting, helmets play a fundamental role in performance on the track, which is why the various manufacturers try to exploit resistant materials that at the same time are light, in order to reduce the fatigue of drivers and limit the weight to a point well away from the centre of gravity of the driver-kart combination. The master in this sense is certainly carbon, which, thanks manages to combine its characteristics of lightness and high strength. Here are five carbon helmet models (Snell and/or FIA approved), suitable for karting with prices ranging from 540 to 1,830 Euros.


We talked about RS7-K Carbon in the First Analysis dedicated to it. This is the top model from Bell for karting, derived directly from the models used by F1 drivers. The use of carbon makes it extremely light: with a weight of around 1.200 gr it is the lightest helmet in our selection. It is a model that has been on the market since 2019 and has Snell K 2020 approval.

Indicative price

About 1.160 euro (VAT included)

To buy:
Photo credit: Bell
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