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TKART magazine Must Have | The components, recommended by One Engines, for "horsepower-saving" kart transmissions
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Mattia Livraghi
27 July 2023 • 3 min. read
In addition to working directly on engine components, drivers and technicians often work on the elements of the transmission to improve the performance of their karts. In fact, the sprocket, gear wheel and chain are the mechanical parts that transmit drive from the engine to the wheels, thus allowing the movement of a kart (to go into more detail, read "Technique | The transmission of karts"). In addition to merely working on the transmission ratio (determined on the basis of various parameters: characteristics of the circuit, type of tyres, driving style of the driver, atmospheric conditions, etc.), one of the objectives of technicians and drivers is to reduce the dispersion of energy produced by the engine that the transmission, by its nature, entails. And precisely with this objective in mind, One Engines (one of the most titled engine tuners, in recent years, at international level) recommends the use of particular components, capable of making the transmission of single-speed karts more efficient. Here's what they are.


The gear wheel made by X.A.M stands out for the reduction of friction it is able to provide. With a  pitch of 215, this component has a reduced size compared to the classic gear wheels with a  pitch of 219. The teeth are smaller and narrower than usual, making the X.A.M product one of the most used in the MINI classes. In fact, by decreasing the resistance, this gear wheel also reduces the dissipation of power, consequently increasing the overall efficiency of the transmission. Although it can even be mounted on 125 cc Direct Drive karts, for example in the OK and OKJ classes, its potential is exploited to a greater extent on 60 cc karts because only on this type of kart is it possible to combine the X.A.M gear wheel with chains without O-rings. What benefits from such a combination is precisely the smoothness of the transmission, which generates an even more significant benefit when managing limited powers such as those of MINI karts. The number of teeth of the X.A.M chainrings available on ranges from 71 to 99.

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