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TKART magazine Must Have | Contoured slats to avoid seats breaking
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29 January 2018
Possessing your own kart and enjoying it without worries also means having all the accessories that, once out on the track, solve problems quickly and allow you to have as much fun as possible. But that’s not all. In addition to what you can "have", there is also a lot you can "do", learning little tricks and implementing simple, yet important expedients in order to avoid mishaps or make them disappear quickly should they arise.

Below, we describe four that really are available to everyone and can represent the difference between an afternoon of fun or a non-stop barrage of swearing.


The slats that support the seat are an accessory subjected to continuous and forceful stresses that cause it to flex. Relatively often, damage is due to "fatigue", caused by the metal bending repeatedly, which occurs at the structurally weakest point, i.e. where the thickness of the slat changes from a circular to a squashed section (needed for the nut that attaches the slat to the seat, on one side, and the bearing housing, on the other). To avoid excessive weakening, a raised frame is created on the "squashed" part that strengthens the structure and mitigates the difference in thickness of the section to avoid splitting.

Approximate price

Approx. 5,00 Euros

This expedient is present on almost every kart participating in international competition


Whenever you need to disassemble a water-cooled engine, the first job is to detach the system’s pipes. The result? An outpouring of water and a flooded floor. When you are on the track, out in the open, that may not be a problem, but under an awning or in the pits it becomes somewhat inconvenient. The solution, once again borne of simplicity, is provided by clamps with return springs which, attached to the water pipes, completely close them and avoid flooding.
This clamp also has a twin, which serves to block the fuel pipe.

Approximate price

Approx. 4,00 Euros

Seen on the karts of the Strakka Racing team, during a race a few years ago
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