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TKART magazine Must Have | 4 electronic tools for improving the life of kart drivers
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Jacopo Colombo
15 June 2023 • 5 min. read
There is a saying that everything is needed, but nothing is indispensable: which is true! However, there are electronic tools and equipment, that are absolutely not essential, which in some way can be a real turning point in the life of a kart driver. Let me be clear: even without them, you will be able to spend your days on the track in a completely satisfactory way and using them will not improve your lap time by a tenth. However, the life of a pilot, especially an amateur one, is not only about a stopwatch and sweat, but also a minimum of comfort. So here's a bunch of ideas to suggest to friends and girlfriends when you hear them say "I really don't know what to get you for your birthday!".


Wearing wet overalls while driving a kart is not a good feeling at all, either in summer or in winter. Yet, due to a sudden storm or excessive sweating while driving on the track, it is not uncommon to find yourself having to wear a damp garment. How can this eventuality be avoided? You could think of buying more than one set of overalls, so as to always have spare overalls ready or… Get yourself a special dryer, which allows you between one session and another, and in a short time, to have a garment always ready for use and, above all, pleasant to wear. The proposed Capit branded product has been designed not to damage the construction materials of the most popular overalls in motorsport. From a practical point of view it is an air blower with three fans, protected by a body made of ABS (a light and resistant plastic material). The dryer is able to emit both hot and cold air flows, each of which can be switched on by pressing a special switch on the front of the product. Using it is simple: in fact, all you have to do is take advantage of its hanger shape to insert it in the overalls and hang the dryer-overall complex, using the hook on the upper part of the body, on any support. This item is available in 110V or 230V and can be purchased with either a Schuko socket or a type A socket (used in Japan and the United States of America). Finally, a shockproof bag for transport is included in the purchase price.

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