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Max Bernardi
19 June 2020
Who said that without a chassis and an engine one cannot speak about go-karts? Although it is true that geometries and millimetric adjustments are one of the ideas which most intrigues enthusiasts who are attentive to every detail, it is equally certain that when there is passion, even without angles and trajectories, anyone can find their own way of experiencing karting, even enjoying games. It is no coincidence that from radio-controlled models to Legos some of the most universal recreational pastimes that exist, are kart themed for the enjoyment as they say in these cases, for the ‘young and old’. Here are 4 games to discover that will provide your karting desire with new avenues of expression.


A radio-controlled model, not to be missed for all fans of the famous racing video game Mario Kart. Developed by Carrera Toys, the kart reaches 20 km/hour, is simple and fun to drive and it features real racing sounds inspired by real race cars. Thanks to the 2.4 GHz digital frequency control system you can challenge several friends at the same time on tracks created according to your own imagination. Both indoor and outdoor, to put it in kart track terms! The battery reaches a full charge in just 80 minutes while providing about 40 minutes of driving time.

Indicative price

€ 66,50



Made by Fujimi, a well-known Japanese company which manufactures extremely high-quality plastic models, the 1993 static Ayrton Senna Kart is a collector’s item for the fans of the Brazilian champion. The 1:20 scale model reproduces in every detail the vehicle (and the driver) with which Senna participated in the 1993 Master Karting Paris Bercy indoor karting competition. The event, which became famous for hosting the last duel on the track between Senna and Prost, saw famous F1 champions compete against the best drivers from other motorsport disciplines, including young karting future winners. Inside the box there are all the pieces to assemble the car model, consisting of kart and driver, as well as the racing stickers which perfectly replicate the originals.

Indicative price

€ 55,00

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