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TKART magazine Must Have | Perfect gearwheel-sprocket alignment with the laser aligner
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Max Bernardi
06 September 2019
How many “allies” does a kart driver have? Many more than one may think, as the operations that need to be implemented on a kart to ensure safety and performance are much more than commonly expected. For example, when it is necessary to align the gearwheel and sprocket, the most useful tool is the laser aligner, while if one needs to unhook the springs of the muffler cradle, one can count on quick-hook springs. What about preventing the entry of foreign bodies into the engine? No problem! There is the cap for the intake and exhaust manifold. Basically, there is no shortage of “friends” to prevent the kart driver from finding himself stuck alone on the track.


The accurate alignment between the sprocket and the gearwheel is very important to ensure the kart’s reliability. Especially when it comes to the non-shifter categories, an incorrect alignment could end up ruining the gearwheel, potentially causing a withdrawal from the race. To facilitate the alignment operation, there is a very simple to use tool, the laser aligner. It is sufficient to insert it into the gearwheel and turn it on to see the classic red line or dot of the laser projected, which will allow for a perfect alignment.
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47,90 euro circa



If debris gets into the engine, even if in small amounts, it can lead to damage to the internal parts of the engine and, in the worst case scenario, there could be possible damages or parts failing to work correctly, or not at all. While on the track, the air filter is designed to protect and capture any foreign particles or debris before they enter the intake side of the carburetor. However, once the engine is turned off and disassembled from the chassis, the danger is not over as any unwanted particulates could slip in and not be visible until the next ignition. This is why it is always wise to plug the intake and exhaust manifold using specifically made caps.
Indicative price

4,50 euro circa

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