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TKART magazine Must Have | Mixtures: the tricks and the top accessories
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Luca Barnaba
30 August 2022 • 3 min. read
Despite being a simple product, the mixture, the mixture of petrol and oil that allows lubrication and combustion of 2-stroke racing engines for karting requires numerous precautions by kart drivers, starting from the preparation phase, to move on to that of transport and finally to use and storage. After addressing these issues in the article "How to - How to prepare the mixture for karts", let's talk about the mixture again, this time regarding some products on the market that will make you real "professionals" of mixtures.


Whether you are under the tent during a weekend on the track or in your garage at home, when using petrol/mixture it is essential to do it safely and to ensure that everything stays firmly in place. This is why, in case you usually work with large drums (25-50 litres) it might be a really good idea to buy a stand for fastening. By equipping the tank with a special tap you will not be forced to lift or tilt a heavy drum every time you need to refuel, reducing effort to a minimum and the possibility of inadvertently spilling the mixture. Of the various models on the web, this one made of galvanized steel is the one that convinced us the most, especially because of the steel platform capable of collecting any leaks (because petrol is harmful to humans, but also to the environment). Also noteworthy is the low weight (4 kg) and the overall contained size, once folded (39 x 4 x 79 cm), which facilitates transport.

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