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TKART magazine Must Have | Waterproof clothing for karting: solutions at all prices
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Luca Barnaba
09 December 2021
A session in the rain has to be in the curriculum of true kart drivers. There are those who think that a wet track is the real test of their driving skills and those who, on the other hand, have the nightmare of seeing the perfect track day transformed into a nightmare with spinning, hiking on the grass. and hands frozen by water and cold. This is why we want to help you, recommending the accessories (for all budgets) that you must always have to allow you to concentrate only on the track when it rains.


Let's start with the basics. There will always be that “old know-all” on the track who will say: “I've always done this and I've never felt bad”. That is: K-WAY on the top of overalls, latex gloves under the driver's ones to avoid having fingers soaked in water, well-fixed plastic leggings, with adhesive packaging tape, to the shins.
The result is not guaranteed, but, with a little imagination and a lot of spirit of adaptation, when everything is missing, even a not exactly "professional" solution is fine.

Indicative price

About 45 eurofor the whole do it yourself kit

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Waterproof overalls are an essential element for those who never want to be caught unprepared, especially in periods (or in those geographical areas) in which rain is not an unfortunate event, but a variable to always bear in mind. Alpinestars supplies a product with lightweight and 100% waterproof materials. Fit is also a key element to prevent the solution to a problem from affecting driving comfort. The various elastic bands at the waist, wrists and legs prevent curling, excessive flapping at speed and prevent water from entering. In addition, the right elbow is reinforced to protect overalls from the heat generated by the kart’s engine. And if you want to show off your karting overalls, the Italian company's product is transparent so you can show off your "track overalls".

Indicative price

about 110 euro

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