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TKART magazine Must Have | The specific products for kart cleaning
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Luca Barnaba
03 November 2021
A session in the rain, a long session on the grass or simply routine maintenance after a day on the track. At a certain point the moment to do your "duty" will come, that is to say cleaning the kart. A fundamental aspect for every kart driver, to which the right amount of time has to be dedicated, to restore luster to the vehicle and an opportunity to analyse and check the condition of all those mechanical and non-mechanical components you have spent money and time on.

A clean kart will not necessarily be a faster kart, but it will certainly last longer.

We have already indicated what the essential equipment for kart cleaning is: now, the time has come to show which cleaning products you cannot do without for your kart.


Cleaning from grease, rubber and dirt in general is the basis for giving new life to your kart, which is why it is essential to use a good detergent.
However, that of detergents is a varied market, with a high substitutability of the products on offer. Choosing a specific product on the market can then protect you from unpleasant drawbacks such as the opacification of the treated parts or the poor effectiveness of the selected detergent. Therefore, it is always better to spend a few Euros more, to better safeguard each kart component. However, in the paddock of international competitions there is no lack of generic products such as Chanteclair.

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About 5,00 euro

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