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Must Have | 4 essential accessories to facilitate changing tyres

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19 March 2022

Removing and mounting tyres on wheels is one of the most boring and tiring activities for beginners. However, there are tools, equipment and tricks that can make our life easier. Let’s find out about them.



Find out what tyre inflation valve can be removed. In fact, inside the main body, the actual valve is screwed which can be useful to remove in certain circumstances in which the air must flow more quickly, such as during tyre deflation or when beading the tyres on the wheel: not having the valve inserted allows the air to flow in greater quantity and to let it in with greater force, conditions which, in fact, facilitate fitting. The tool in question is a kind of screwdriver with a specially shaped tip. It must be inserted inside the valve body, inserting the valve and extracting it simply by unscrewing it. Watch out: if the tyre is inflated, when the valve is completely unscrewed, the risk is that the jet of air will forcefully push the unscrewed valve out, “shooting” it who knows where.

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