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TKART magazine Must Have | The secret tricks of the professionals: mobile stub axle rim
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Max Bernardi
08 June 2018
In every field, the most experienced professionals have little tricks they usually employ to avoid problems or increase safety. Karting is no exception and, if anything, in terms of measures for improving performance and fun, is second to none. Browsing through the paddock during the more important races, you come across lots of "smart" solutions that anyone can put into practice. For example, using a mobile stub axle rim that is always properly aligned with the sprocket and avoids premature wear. Another example is the rotating support used to keep the throttle cable in straight. Or...


Despite efforts to be careful and precise, it is rarely possible to achieve perfect alignment between the rim and the sprocket. Over time, this leads to the chain wearing the rim and the need for it to be replaced. The Kart Republic team tested a new accessory out on the track that allows the rim to move a few millimetres depending on the alignment with the sprocket. The stub axle rim thereby manages to preserve the state of the rim, avoiding precocious wear and prolonging its lifespan.

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Seen under the KR tent at a WSK race on the Sarno circuit.


Every kart enthusiast has heard it a thousand times, yet few phrases are truer or more important than this one: it is often the smallest accessories, those that are taken for granted, which compromise the result of a race or even, simply, a day’s fun out on the track. That it is necessary for an engine to be in good shape and overhauled is a given by everyone, but that a simple spring is tightened properly and doesn’t risk suddenly coming off is something that is underestimated or taken for granted to often. Of course, heaven forbid, unexpected events can always occur, but trying to prevent any possible setback is a rule that should not be underestimated. For example, do not underestimate the fact that the springs that hold the exhaust in place may break without warning at any time, causing the exhaust itself to come off. In this case, the trick is to put a cable between the muffler and the cylinder, remembering to insert the part of the cable that comes into contact with the engine in a rubber sheath, so as to avoid damaging the cylinder itself. By doing so, the race or the day out on the track do not risk being interrupted due to a simple spring coming off.

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Just a few cents of a Euro

Seen during the second round of the ​​2018 OK and OKJ FIA karting European Championship, under the tent of the Ward Racing team
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