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TKART magazine Must Have | 4 kart trolleys… at all prices!
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03 September 2021
It is almost taken for granted because it is a fundamental item that accompanies the life of every kart, but the kart trolley is truly an essential "teammate" both for days on the track and for storage and maintenance of the vehicle once at home/in the workshop. Neglecting the space-saving vertical trolley and the starter already seen in our previous article on 5 ways to save effort on the track, we have identified 4 types of trolleys, useful from the MINI to the KZ class and for each we have then selected a single representative product.


Probably the best known and perhaps most widespread model. With two larger wheels (both full and air inflated) on the first axle and two smaller ones, swivelling rubber wheels on the second axle, the "classic" there are various kart trolley configurations, with 2 or 3 columns, powder coated in various colours, galvanized or chromed and with a toolbox compartment. It is a valuable ally for supporting and transporting a kart in the paddock and for vehicle maintenance both on the track and at home, but the kart cannot be lifted from the ground in complete autonomy: in fact, an assistant is required. It can be assembled easily and quickly, and once closed it takes up little space. Its shape allows multiple trolleys to be stacked for movements. It is really light.

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