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TKART magazine Must Have | 6 tools for kart chains
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Max Bernardi
02 October 2020
The fact that the chain is the most delicate element of a kart’s transmission is often underestimated, as highlighted in the article "Proper maintenance of the chain, wheel and sprocket" in TKART Magazine. We have selected 4 accessories to facilitate the adjustment of tightening and alignment, vary the length and check the elongation of the chain. On the other hand, there are two must have products for cleaning and lubrication.


The correct tightening of the chain in single-speed karts is important to safeguard the wear of the wheel and not damage the crankshaft. As explained in the TKART article "How to mount the ratio in single-speed karts", the recommended oscillation is about 15 mm. It is quite obvious but, the chain tension is often higher or lower than desired during the final tightening of the engine bolts. The “Tru-Tension” is a small but functional accessory to simplify this activity. It is a sort of chain tightener to be mounted on the chain before fastening the engine to the chassis which allows you to adjust the right tension and fasten the engine without it varying. The “Tru-Tension” is the ideal accessory to obtain the correct tightening to the millimetre at the first go, thereby saving time.

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