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TKART magazine Must Have | A tuned piston to improve kart performance
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Max Bernardi
11 May 2020
Whether it is for performance, safety, maintenance or even just aesthetics, accessories are an endless source of inspiration and desires for all kart drivers. Who has not dreamed, for example, of being able to work on their engine with components tested in the main races around the world and handled by the most experienced and competent professionals in the field? The tuned piston of the Performance Line by Galiffa Kart allows you to do it, just as a simple safety ring can allow you to take to the track with greater piece of mind and the guarantee that if an axle grub screw should fail, the vehicle performance will not be affected and the day spent enjoying racing in the kart will not be ruined. These and other interesting accessories are the focus of this “must have”, that are all to be discovered and used.


Improving the engine’ performance is the goal of every kart driver. The dream is being able to achieve this objective with components tested in the most important races and used by the most successful, prominent and established professionals. Thanks to the accessories offered in the Performance Line by Galiffa Kart, a company which has been operating in the kart world for over 20 years, this goal is now within the reach of every kart enthusiast. The performance piston is an example of this. Equipped with additional ventilation compared to the standard component, it offers a better lubrication of the cylinder wall, thus increasing performance without altering the engine’s reliability. Modifications are verified on the test bench as well as on the track and guaranteed by the fantastic experience of Galiffa Kart.

Indicative price

70 euro



Can a small and remarkably simple element like a “grub screw” reduce track performance to the point of having to withdraw from a race? Yes. One of the most important examples is that of the grub screws that fasten to the axle, which with the repeated stresses experienced while on the track, they can loosen allowing the axle to move from its locked position. To eliminate the problem, a safety ring can be used. Fastened next to the bearing it prevents the axle from moving. The ring is made of two parts, is easy to install and it does require the disassembly of the axle.

Indicative price

About 15 euro

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