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TKART magazine Must Have | What do the top teams use: pyrometers or manometers
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Luca Basso
06 August 2022 • 3 min. read
Having the tyre temperature and pressure data under control is essential (as you can read in the articles "Expert Advice | The right pressure for kart tyres? Pascal Cardinale tells us how to achieve it” and “Expert Advice | Practical advice on what and how to best manage the temperature of kart tyres”). To do this, you need to equip yourself with a pyrometer and a pressure gauge, or a “combined” instrument that is capable of carrying out both measurements. You can read a review of specific tools for karts in the article “Dossier - Buying guide for pyrometers and combined devices (pyrometers + pressure gauges) for karts”. However, if you are curious to know which tools are the ones most used by professional teams participating in the most prestigious races in the world, continue reading the slides below. We peeked under the tents of 12 top teams (Birel Art Racing, CRG Racing Team, DPK Racing, Energy Corse, IPK Official Racing Team, KR Motorsport, Koski Motorsport, Leclerc by Lennox Racing, Parolin Motorsport, Sodikart, Tony Kart Racing Team and Ward Racing) on the occasion of the last round of the FIA OK/OKJ Karting European Championship and we found out that, although teams do not always use a single tool (sometimes under the same tent you can see devices of different brands and models), the most popular products are…


Alfano, a company based in Nivelles (Belgium) has been operating in the motorsport industry since 1996 and is known for manufacturing and marketing tools for kart data acquisition. Its catalogue includes combined devices such as the A1910 Tyrecontrol 2, equipped with a large screen for clear data reading, an impressive internal memory and very high detection accuracy. However, it does not appear to be a popular tool, being confirmed by just one team among those considered.

Use*: low

*use of the instrument on the occasion of round 4 of the FIA OK/OKJ Karting European Championship

Indicative price

About 308 euros (363 euros with the A1890 temperature sensor), VAT excluded
To buy:
©Photo: Alfano
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