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Must Have | What PRO drivers use: the rib guards

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15 June 2022

The chest protection vest is an essential element for every kart driver. Initially developed as a self-made product, it has now come to play a fundamental role on all tracks, so much so that the International Automobile Federation, through the 88070-2018 approval (which you can learn more about thanks to our article “Technique – The FIA 88070-2018 approval for kart rib protectors”), has made it mandatory for all participants in FIA Karting competitions starting from 2021. On the occasion of Round 2 of the FIA Karting European Championship OK-OKJ 2022, in Zuera, we collected, through a sample of drivers, the data (in percentages) on the models used, as well as various opinions on the matter. Stilo, Tillett, OMP and Bengio HST: which is the favourite product of the drivers who take part in the most prestigious races?



Stilo, an Italian company specialised in the production of helmets, has patented a technology for the Carbon Curva 8870 that blends protective carbon and flexible carbon. An ideal solution in terms of lightness and wearability, which does not lose sight of its primary goal: to protect ribs and the chest, crucial areas of the body in karting.
“It is comfortable and is not too tight. I don’t think there are big differences compared to the rib protectors of other companies”
Tomass Stolcermanis, Energy Corse

About 2% of the drivers participating in the race.

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