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TKART magazine Must Have | 4 “entry level” overalls (CIK-FIA approved) for going karting
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15 July 2023 • 4 min. read
Are you looking for low cost kart overalls to use in practice lap sessions, but which do not preclude you from subsequently participating in races in which the use of CIK-FIA approved products is required? To save you the trouble of spending hours looking for information on the online shops dedicated to karting and motorsport, we analysed the list of FIA-Karting approved overalls (to learn more about this topic, read "Dossier | FIA Approvals: what they are, what they are for, how long they last... the definitive guide!") and among these we chose, for the most popular brands, the "entry level" ones. These are models with prices ranging from approximately 160 to 220 Euros and which in order to be approved must undergo strict safety checks (find out which ones in this article "How to | How to know if the overalls are really safe"). Furthermore, thanks to FIA Karting level 2 certification, they will allow you to enrol in competitions promoted by the CIK-FIA or which comply with its regulations at any time. In fact, there are even cheaper and truly entry-level models in the product range of the main manufacturers, which however are not approved.


The MIR “50” overalls are the cheapest model that we discuss in this article. Structurally it consists of an external layer made of cordura, a high-strength fabric, made of synthetic fibre, derived from nylon, while the interior is made of jersey, a material selected for its lightness and breathability. The sleeves are pre-shaped to improve driving comfort, and the collar is lowered and rounded at the corners, thus allowing good neck mobility. To optimise the fit of this product there is an elastic band at the height of the pelvis which can be adjusted by means of a Velcro fastening, positioned at the front. The Raceline "50" are the lightest overalls among those proposed in this article: their weight, as communicated by the manufacturer, is approximately 1 kg (but obviously varies according to the size selected). Interesting, but perhaps not strictly necessary for entry level overalls, is the high degree of customization that is possible: you can choose from 23 colours that can be applied to the overalls without constraints (in the case of printing) with an additional price directly linked to the degree of customization. Furthermore, upon request, written and/or printed or embroidered logos can be added free of charge. You can buy them through the "request information" section on the product page on the manufacturer's website.

Indicative price

About 160 euro

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Photo credit MIR Race Line
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