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Mattia Livraghi
15 September 2023 • 15 min. read
On an exclusive basis, we entered one of the most popular e-commerce operations dedicated to karting in the world. Over 6,000 different products from over 70 brands for a total of over 160,000 pieces in stock: these are just some of the numbers of the online store that promises to fulfil every order it receives in 5-10 minutes and deliver it to the recipient the next day. How do they do it? Thanks to automation and a special formula: volume for... Read the article and you will find out
In Denmark, practically in the middle of nowhere, among the narrow streets of a small town called Stenløse, there is an unimaginable place. It is a sort of "toyland" (yes, that of the Pinocchio tale) for kart drivers: a warehouse full of thousands of specific karting items. It's called and it’s actually a bit surreal. It is the headquarters of one of the most famous e-commerce operations dedicated to karting in the world: here, dozens of purchase orders arrive every day from all over the planet and, each of them, within 5-10 minutes, is prepared, packaged and immediately ready to leave for the recipient. Do you know Amazon? Here, with due proportion and thinking of it only in relation to kart drivers, the comparison is valid! Everything started with the idea of a guy who is close to 40 years of age and who is a racing kart engine tuner: Ole Haugård, known to everyone as "One". This, in fact, is the nickname that the paddocks of international karting races have given him partly because of the name of his company (One Engines) and partly because, in the last 15 years, he has proved to be one of the most successful tuners, able to contribute to the victories of drivers of the calibre of George Russell, Lando Norris, Logan Sargeant and Freddie Slater. If the skills of the Danish tuner are well known to all of the operators in the sector, it is not equally known what Ole, outside of competitions, has developed over time, together with his collaborator Marc Lykke Villefrance, who also takes care of the daily management of It all started in 2016, as an online store dedicated to Denmark, and then opened up to the international market in 2020, in conjunction with a period of radical change such as that of the COVID-19 pandemic, with one goal: to become a reference point in the field of online stores for karting on a global basis
The headquarters of is the same as that of One Engines, which, for the equipment it has inside, looks like a real manufacturer rather than a warehouse. Below, the location on the map of Stenløse in Denmark, the country where this e-commerce operation is based.
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The warehouse covers an area of 900 square metres and the items are divided into different "aisles", including shelves and automatic vertical warehouses.
A detail that fully represents the attention to detail at the site: even the marker holder is "marked", in this case with the "One" brand, the division of Ole Haugård's company dedicated to the tuning of engines.
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