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Max Bernardi
15 November 2018
Parolin Racing Kart has invested heavily in aerodynamic research applied to the development of a fairings kit for the Eurostar Dynamica kart. This is an effort that has been amply repaid, already in the first year of use, by winning the OK class World Championship
Parolin Racing is one of the few companies in karting who, instead of using third-party manufacturers, personally manages the customised design, development and manufacturing of bodyworks. The advantage of doing everything "in house" is that, being the company that also manufactures the chassis, it is fully aware of the optimal characteristics their fairings must have to define, down to the smallest detail, vehicles of the highest level. With the previous Agile bodyworks kit, Parolin Racing Kart also stood out because of the lightness of its plastics. Now, with the new Eurostar Dynamica kit (Eurostar is the Parolin Racing Kart accessory brand), they have focused on aerodynamics, with studies, drawings and tests in a wind tunnel that have defined the new shape of the front fairing and front spoiler

The aerodynamic developments of the new Eurostar Dynamica bodyworks kit focused on the front fairing and front spoiler
As mentioned, the main guideline in the design of the Dynamica kit was the search for the kart’s best aerodynamic penetration. Obviously, it was measured with a driver on board. To solve the various problems that arise in such a complex field, Parolin Racing Kart directly managed the design and development of the new bodyworks, both for the CFD software specifications and the tests carried out in a wind tunnel.
Bigger and lowered profiles are some of the main features of the new Dynamica bodyworks
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