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Tech Focus | New AMV magnesium wheel rims

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25 July 2016
Kart wheel rims are not all the same... They can vary in terms of material: magnesium, aluminum or an alloy of the two elements; quality; shape and, of course, performance. Let’s take a look at the choices made by AMV for its latest generation, which they claim have virtually unparalleled performance

Aluminum wheel rims to warm-up the tyres even more, perhaps on wet tracks. Magnesium wheel rims to keep tyre temperature and pressure more stable and uniform. This, in a nutshell, is the reasoning behind the choice of kart wheel rims. However, in truth, there are big differences even among magnesium wheel rims. AMV (Aluminio Magnesio Veneto), a company specialising in the production of wheel rims, hubs, gearwheel supports and brake systems for karting, which has just launched two types of extremely interesting 100% magnesium wheel rims , knows this all too well.


The new wheel rims are made using a specific piece of machinery, completely designed internally by AMV and the result of five years of research and development, based on a low pressure casting production system. The machinery’s characteristics of compactness and speed, together with a number of sensors and valves that monitor various parameters of the production process, allow the production of wheel rims at reduced costs and, above all, at absolute levels of quality and repeatability.

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