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Tech Focus | The perfect position thanks to the IPK adjustable steering wheel hub

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11 August 2016
Finding the right driving position is essential, both to ensure the safety of the driver, as well as to achieve the best possible performance. That's why the new steering wheel hub by IPK can represent a valuable ally for any driver. Let's find out how it works

When it comes to karting, top performance depends on a series of factors ranging from the most obvious, that everyone can see, to often little discussed, but no less important, details. The steering wheel position is probably part of the latter. Although it may seem minor element, it is actually of crucial importance both in terms of safety and in terms of driver comfort and, therefore, performance.

In order to find the correct position of the steering wheel depending on the preferences of the driver, IPK has designed a special "adjustable hub". Located between the steering wheel and the steering column, it allows you to change the height and inclination of the steering wheel quickly and is therefore a valuable ally when trying to find the best position for your arms. In addition, using the accessory ensures total safety, avoiding empirical and dangerous solutions such as fitting handmade spacers with unsafe mountings, when trying to achieve the desired inclination.

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