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TKART magazine Under Review | The return of the CRG Heron chassis - update 2020
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11 December 2019
CIK-FIA 2018 - 2020

The CRG Heron homologation is from 2018 and is valid for 3 years.


The chassis is approved for all classes. The photos in this article show the version for the direct drive classes


Tubes of 30 and 32 mm are generally used, either of equal measure or mixing and matching. The CRG Heron has all tubes of 30 mm in diameter


There are two “schools of thought”: manual or automated. CRG subscribes to the latter, welding with robots


The hubs and stub axles all belong to the R-Line range and are made of magnesium, as are the wheel rims

- December 2019 update -

CRG Heron is ready to take on its last year of homologation, which expires in 2020, with several updates. Although the distinctive design of the frame has remained unchanged, as per regulations, the situation is quite different for the bearing housing in the rear axle, innovated with the introduction of a system that allows the wheelbase of the kart to be varied in just a few simple steps.

A chassis homologation is valid for 3 years. During these three years substantial modifications cannot be implemented to the design of the frame, yet this does not affect the changes that, from year to year, can be made with the purpose of improving  its performance on the track. The development of a chassis, basically, never stops, as demonstrated by the 2020 version of the Heron chassis, on which the CRG technicians have introduced an interesting new feature at the rear: a completely revised bearing housing that allows to adjust the kart’s wheelbase.

The system works through a new axle bearing flange that, in addition to be able to have its height changed on three different positions (standard central, 5 mm higher and 5 mm lower) by loosening the four fastening screws, it can also be moved to the front or rear of the kart by shortening or lengthening the kart’s wheelbase accordingly, depending on the setup change one is looking for.
The 2020 version of the CRG Heron has undergone a graphic restyling especially in the front part.
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The 2020 version of the CRG Heron has undergone a graphic restyling especially in the front part.
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The new bearing housing allows the wheelbase to be changed by rotating the flange.
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The new bearing housing allows the wheelbase to be changed by rotating the flange.
The VEN 11 braking system mounted on the CRG Heron.
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The wheelbase change from the neutral position is of +/- 5 mm, while the possibility of the height adjustment remains unchanged. The shift is made by rotating the flange, which allows the technician on the track to implement the change in a very short time, without having to disassemble the axle.

As for the braking system, the Heron confirms the VEN 11 model, approved for the 2018 - 2020 three year session as well. Compared to the previous VEN 10 version, the VEN 11 features new brake discs of different thickness and diameter as well as new braking pads. Another innovation is provided by the accessories, with the introduction of a new stub axle called RX2 which differs from the standard model by featuring a double hole for the adjustment of the Ackermann angle. Finally, the graphics were also renovated. The light restyling presented during the 2019 KZ World Championship at the South Garda Karting in Lonato (Italy) gives the CRG vehicles a more attractive “attire”, characterized by the glossier orange color. Furthermore, the design has been modified in the lower part of the front number plate. A change which makes the front of the kart cleaner to the eye.
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