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24 January 2016
CIK-FIA 2014-2020

The original Road Rebel dates 2002. It was firts renewed in 2008 and again for the 2014-2020 period

KZ1 - KZ2

The chassis is homologated for KF4, KF3, KF2, KZ2, KZ1, ICE. We reviewed the KZ configuration


Crossbars and stringers are all 32 mm in diameter, a common choice on KZ chassis


CRG has abandoned manual welding in favor of high-precision automated machine welding


All the components of the Road Rebel model reviewed in this article are magnesium made and gold colored

CRG launches the new and improved Zuera B Gold Line, the latest intepretation of its classic Road Rebel, and wins the top two spots of the KZ World Championship podium

On September 13 (2015), CRG, one of Italy’s historical manufacturers, returned to the top spot of the CIK-FIA World KZ Championship podium, on the legendary Le Mans circuit in France.
The star of this great victory was Dutch driver Jorrit Pex, who beat rivals to the finish line aboard the new Road Rebel Zuera B Gold Line kart with TM engine.

CRG’s triumphant “world campaign” was completed by the second place finish, achieved with Italian driver Paolo De Conto. This outstanding 1-2 sweep proves, beyond every reasonable doubt, that the success driven by Giancarlo Tinini is anything but happenstance. The team confirmed once more team that winning is in its DNA and the new chassis, an innovative rivisitation of a CRG classic, immediately showed its exceptional potential.

TKART wanted to uncover all the secrets behind it, so we took a trip to the CRG headquarters in Desenzano del Garda right after the World event and took a close look.

The Road Rebel is homologated for the KF4, KF3, KF2, KZ2, KZ2, and ICE categories. We focused on the model that competed in the KZ World Championship, the Road Rebel Zuera B Gold Line, where B stands for the 2015 version and its revisitation of several key aspects compared to the 2014 homologation.
A close up shot of the adjustable pedal board in the typical gold color that distinguishes all Road Rebel Zuera B Gold Line components


Two views of the double brake calipers: gold touch aside, they embody CRG’s tried-and- tested engineering expertise and working functionality
alt alt
Overview and close up (below) of the new wheel hubs, processed with three “chiseled” sections on the contact area that meets the rims
alt alt
The biggest change, though hard to see from the oustide, regards what CRG calls “RX geometry” - meaning, the angles that define the unit formed by the stub axles, the tie-rod, and the steering column lock plate. The new solution makes for easier driving and limits the impact of mistakes, like loss of time and speed. And while it was engineered to improve customers’ driving experience, it also makes life easier for expert professionals, as CRG factory driver Felice Tiene confirmed when we asked his opinion.
The other big change that characterizes the new Road Rebel Gold Line is more visible and regards accessories, which, as the name implies, are rigorously gold in color. The most innovative modification regards the new hubs, now featuring a chiseled surface that dips in three spots. This change in the contact zone with the disc brake yields a more fluid interplay between hub and rim, making the rear end of the kart more responsive, especially on a track with high-grip conditions.

CRG, a piece of world karting history

CRG was founded in 1986 by...

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Above, a top view of the front brake caliper. Below, a detail of the pulley mounted on the axle. Of course, strictly gold like all components
alt alt
The new rear brake calipers: the modified plate with cooling extensions optimizes heat dispersion for the assembly and the brake system as a whole
alt alt
Other close-ups of the rear brake caliper and disc. The whole assembly has been enchanced in terms of heat efficiency, for more reliable performance
alt alt
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