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TKART magazine Under Review | CRY30 S14, the 2022 upgrade of the Birel ART shifter chassis
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Giacomo Mantovani
31 May 2022
CIK-FIA 2022

The approval has been renewed and the 007/CH/10 certificate is valid for races until 2024

KZ - KZ2

The CRY30 S14 model is approved for single-brand and gear versions, but it is specific to this latest version


Birel ART produces two chassis for the KZ class. The CRY30 S14as the name implies, is entirely built using 30 mm diameter tubes


The welding process is entirely carried out using robotic equipment except for a few welds


All the accessories are made of light aluminium alloy while the rims are made of magnesium alloy

S14 is the latest version that Birel ART supplies of the specific chassis for the shifter classes, the CRY30, a model that won the 2019 world championship, the title of vice world champion in 2020 and two KZ FIA Karting European Championship, in 2020 and 2021. The beginning of the development of the CRY30, as we know it today, began in 2019, for the international competitions in the KZ class (the most prestigious gear class in the world), and was then offered to the public in 2020 with the identification "S11". This version was followed by the S12, in 2021, now replaced, in fact, by the S14 (with a "dutiful" jump, for superstitious reasons, of the edition with the number 13).

Overall, the presentation is really excellent: the finishes have been managed in detail while the accessories have been designed with a double objective: to offer a good perceived quality but containing the weight and maintaining a marked constructive simplicity. These last two aspects affect both the performance and the ease of use and management of the kart by kart drivers. Up close, then, you can see the absence of imperfections, a signal that, in addition to satisfying the eye, immediately makes it clear how much attention has been paid to the product during the manufacturing processes. The bends of the tubes are all linear, without any apparent deformation, as well as all the machined accessories that show excellent finishes and treatments. The body tubes, which for this model are all 30 mm in diameter and 2 mm thick, are made of chromium molybdenum steel alloy and undergo a specific heat treatment which is part of Birel ART’S know-how (not accessible to us).
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All tubes are equal in size; rather, it is the heat treatment that varies in a decisive way, which however cannot be noticed by sight. It is this which, together with the shape, almost completely determines the behaviour of the material. In fact, with the same starting base and dimensions, there is the same tube with an “X” treatment, as tender as butter, while with a very tough “Y” treatment, the contrary is true. This mix of treatments for the various tubes used in the construction of the body is really complex and articulated and is one of the aspects the company has continued to improve to obtain the S14. The production of the body, specific for the gear classes, has no market distinctions (therefore there are no productions dedicated to certain countries or geographical areas) and as for the previous models, production is completely managed by Birel ART, thus ensuring total control of the supply chain: from design to marketing. The geometry of the S11-S12 model was confirmed, which proved to be well designed and has received excellent feedback. Therefore, the materials that in previous versions had already been chosen and defined working on different tube treatments in order to deliver a durable body to customers that, even under stress, remains within the factory tolerances, are also unchanged. The behaviour of the body on the track is regular, it easily adapts to the changes required by drivers, proving to be very performing especially with the standard setup. These aspects make the CRY30 S14 an easy kart to use in all conditions, a feature that has made its commercial success.
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