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TKART magazine Under Review | Energy Space 2018 Version
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14 January 2018
CIK-FIA 2018 – 2020

The Energy Space approval was presented at the most recent session and, like all the others, is valid for the three-year period 2018 - 2020


The Energy Space chassis is approved for all classes. This article analyses the configuration for the shifter classes.


In general, 30 mm and 32 mm tubes are used. Either all the same or a combination of them. The Energy Space uses tubes that all 30 mm in diameter.


There are two "schools of thought": by hand or robotised. Energy chassis are welded manually.


The standard accessories are made of aluminium, but Energy has a very "handmade" approach and adheres to the customer's instructions for each build.

With twenty years of history behind it, Energy Corse is undoubtedly one of the most successful and recognised karting brands, thanks to a decidedly extensive product range that includes various karts for all needs and classes, including rentals. The Space is one of the top models and has already been part of the catalogue for a number of years, but has a recently renewed approval. More than the shape of the frame, it involves changes to the materials used, as well as certain technical solutions, making their debuts on Energy chassis, which deserve to be analysed in detail. The kart is approved for all classes and this article analyses the version for the shifter classes.

All the main tubes of the Energy Space frame have a diameter of 30 mm. Its curves are quite traditional, except for the tube in front of the seat, which has an interesting, slightly curved shape that is quite unique on the karting scene.

The axle bearing housings which, for the first time, only on the model for the KZ, are high and have three holes, are completely new for Energy. The goal is to give the rear axle greater rigidity and structure in order to optimise traction.
The frame of the Energy Space has traditional shapes, albeit with a few rather unique details.
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The frame of the Energy Space has traditional shapes, albeit with a few rather unique details.
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All tubes have 30 mm diameter
The characteristic slightly curved tube in front of the seat
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Continuing with the rear end, in order to optimise traction and set-up during braking, keeping the kart as adherent to the ground as possible, the stand out feature are the adjustable length seat slats. Also in this case, modifications are particularly noticeable on the KZ model, on which the slats are lengthened in order to create a thrust force on the axle bearing housings and thereby keep the wheels as low as possible. As mentioned, the main benefits are in terms of traction and stability under braking.
Aesthetically, the most striking changes undoubtedly involve the new graphics, which abandon the historical tribal designs and adopt more aggressive colours. Based on said graphics, all the clothing will also change accordingly. As with the graphics, the plastics (even though they are still by KG) also change, such as the steering wheel, now three-spoked with drilled holes and a new design.
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