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TKART magazine Under Review | Formula K Monster EVO 3, a winning tradition
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Max Bernardi
28 March 2020
CIK-FIA 2020 - 2023

The FormulaK EVO3 homologation is dated 2020: the first one dedicated by the Federation to the MiniKart class. It has a validity of 3 years


The chassis is suitable for the 60 Mini category, the class for younger drivers from 9 to 12 years old


According to the Minikart regulations the tubes that compose the chassis must have a 28 mm diameter


There are two “schools of thought”: manual or automated. IPK welds manually


Magnesium accessories are standard for the IPK group chassis

The Formula K Monster EVO is a chassis which, in recent years, has become a point of reference in the 60 Mini category. The first “signal” came with the victory of the 2016 WSK Super Master Series and the performance on the track has always been at the top, as substantiated by the excellent results in the races of the first couple of months in the 2020 season. It was inevitable that in the year of the first CIK-FIA homologation dedicated to the MINI class, IPK was ready with the third version of its kart reserved for younger drivers, updated both technically and aesthetically.

As per the regulations, the Formula K Monster Evo 3 frame is made of 28 mm diameter tubes that are manually welded. The chassis design has not changed compared to the past, reinforcing the two curves on the longeron at the fuel tank height, a feature that all major manufacturers have introduced in the 2020 homologation.  The first innovation of the 2020 model is found in the rear axle with the new bearing housing which offers an additional height adjustment feature, for a total of four in all, for the fastening of the flange.

A change that also involves the C5 bearing (additional smoothness), is now equipped with 3 axle fastening grub screws. The added grub screw allows the grip to be more significant by distributing it over 120 degrees, a major modification which aims at solving one of the most common problems in the Mini 60: the fastening of the grub screws to an axle with a thinner width.
The Formula K Monster Evo 3 features a completely new design of their graphics which is faithful to the brand’s original colors
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The Formula K Monster Evo 3 features a completely new design of their graphics which is faithful to the brand’s original colors
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The double curve longeron, already found on the earlier model, is now on the new model as well
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The 4-pistons rear brake caliper of the IPK system of the newly approved Mini class
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The careful attention to details by IPK technicians is displayed in a secondary modification concerning the tubes, shortened and reduced in diameter, to which the supports of the side fairings and front spoiler are fastened to. Thanks to these changes, it was possible to eliminate a previously present Teflon bushing. Moreover, on the more purely technical side, this solution leaves the chassis freer, reducing the tension that is generated in making it integral with the fairing support. The fastening system was revised as well, allowing the screws to be tightened without ovalizing the chassis tube. In regard to the chassis, emphasis should also be placed on the introduction of the casing for the support of the master cylinder which replaces the previous welded plate. The new solution allows a better alignment of the pump with respect to the brake pedal, as well as increasing the rigidity of the support structure.
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