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TKART magazine Under Review | Gold Kart GTR 30. Packed with innovations - 2020 update
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21 April 2020
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CIK-FIA 2018-2021

Renewed in 2018, the GTR 30 homologation expires in 2021, and is valid for the KF4, KF3, KF2 and KZ2 categories.

KZ - KZ2

The chassis is suitable for use both with single-speed and shifter engines. In the 2020 photos it is in the OK-OKJ version, while in the 2016 photos we can see it in the KZ version.

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Typically, 30 mm and 32 mm tubes are used. Either all the same size or a mixture. The GTR30’s tubes are all 30 mm

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There are two “schools of thought”: by hand or robotic. The GTR30 is manually welded

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Standard magnesium accessories, manufactured in-house except for the steering wheel, the wheel rims and the seat

- April 2020 article update. -
Gold Kart is a historical brand in the world of karting. For several years, it has been owned by the Righetti Ridolfi company, which has made it the most prominent brand for racing. The GTR30 chassis is one of the top products in which many investments have been made, in terms of research and development to bring it to the top of quality and performance, this is clearly visible. Originally presented in 2012, its homologation was renewed in 2018 and is valid until 2021 (it was in 2020 before the Federation postponed it, for everyone, by one year). The work implemented on the 2020 version of the GT30 has focused on accessories and design.

The 2020 version of the GTR 30 is unchanged compared to the previous version both in the geometry of the tubes (30 mm in diameter) and in the main features. The welding method used by Righetti Ridolfi remains unchanged as well: executed manually and entrusted to highly specialized personnel. There is, however no lack of innovations, starting from the material of the tubes, one of the key factors to optimize the performance of the chassis: the technicians at Righetti Ridolfi have tested different types of tubes hardness and defined the best one for the chassis according to the type of tires used.

The fairing kit, particularly the front spoiler and the number-bearing front fairing which, on the GTR 30 are the Eurostar Dynamica model, is certainly a more striking innovation. The fairings, tested in a wind tunnel, have shown a reduction in aerodynamic resistance (the “Drag”), improving the penetration of the kart and driver while optimizing the air flow.
The new graphics of the Gold Kart GTR 30
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The Dynamica fairing kit improves the aerodynamic penetration of the kart.
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The tilting steering wheel hub is an accessory manufactured by Righetti Ridolfi.
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The chassis geometries have remained unchanged. Righetti Ridolfi has worked on the material of the tubes to optimize the performance of the new GTR 30.
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The floor pan has also been modified by adopting a new coating which aims at increasing the grip of the footing to its surface. The assembled pedals were approved, which allow various adjustments according to the driver’s height.
Another accessory which has the purpose of improving the driving position is the adjustable steering wheel hub: manufactured in-house by Righetti Ridolfi, it allows the movement of the steering wheel closer to the driver and to tilt it to multiple positions in order to find the one the best suits the driver’s needs and comfort. What is also new is the steering wheel, a three-spoke model with a classic design, produced by Righetti Ridolfi as well.

In the 2020 version the Gold Kart chassis, finally renews the graphics, adding the color white to the traditional and prominently used yellow and blue. The chromatic variation was designed with a view to lightening and rejuvenating the kart compared to the past. The feedback received from clients and enthusiasts of the historic brand verify the achievement of the company’s goals.
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