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TKART magazine Under Review | Kosmic Mercury: World-winning quality
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08 February 2016
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CIK-FIA 2009-2020

The first homologation of the Kosmic Mercury dates to 2009 and has since been renewed up until 2020.


Homologated for KF4, KF3, KF2, KZ2, KZ1, and ICE. The one under review is in KF configuration.

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The Mercury is made of all 30 mm diameter tubing, a classic solution for KF chassis

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One of the top features of Kosmic production: high-precision automated machine welding.

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Top-notch, magnesium-made and usually carved from solid, with a broad range of personalization options

After coming close to it more than once, Kosmic finally won the KF World Champion title in Muro Leccese with Karol Basz and with a kart that fully expressed the signature quality standards embodied in every single OTK product

Kosmic Kart has came close to conquering a world victory more than once in the past few years, always claiming the limelightas a top performer. Yet, it was only on that magical weekend in Muro Leccese a few weeks ago that all the necessary ingredients (driver, engine, tires) finally mixed with that pinch of luck that makes victory possible, allowing Karol Basz to play the all-star role and win the 2015 KF World Champion title. Success came aboard a Kosmic Mercury, obviously set up in KF configuration. The chassis model is officially homologated for all international classes (KF4, KF3, KF2, KZ2, KZ1 and ICE), but, of course, TKART asked to analyze Karol’s KF kart in the same conditions with which it raced and triumphed. And that’s what we got, pulled off the team trailer for us to view just as it was when the golden weekend ended, dirty tires included. New or used, the Kosmic Mercury guarantees unique top quality features that are fruit of an extremely advanced manufacturing process and that characterize all OTK group vehicles (whether Tony Kart, FA Kart, or Exprit).
The Kosmic Mercury steering wheel equipped with the Dakton data acquisition system, another quality OTK product, and the footrest (below)
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Two close-ups of the welded sectionson the front-end, with a view on the set-up adjustment bushing below
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A key aspect of OTK production, in fact, is the use of sophisticated high-precision automated welding machinery, which yields junctions with excellent mechanical properties and an incredibly steady performance record.
This is true for each single kart and also from kart to kart. In fact, last-generation technology, cutting-edge expertise, and attention to detail guarantee constant and uniform quality standards along the full Kosmic and OTK production line.
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