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Under Review | A new look for the 2019 version of the Luxor SPH1 kart

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08 January 2019
CIK-FIA 2015-2020

Official CIK-FIA approval for the SPH1 expires in 2020. It is valid for all classes

KZ - KZ2

The chassis is suitable for use with both non-shifter and shifter engines. The photos show the KZ version


Typically, 30 mm and 32 mm tubes are used. Either all the same size or a mixture. The SPH1’s tubes are all 30 mm


There are two “schools of thought”: by hand or robotic. The GTR30 is manually welded


Magnesium or aluminium? Luxor opts for magnesium accessories as standard. Aluminium accessories are optional


The Sicilian manufacturer Lenzokart presents the new version of the Luxor SPH1 chassis. Based on great development work carried out over recent years, for the 2019 model it was decided to leave the body, braking system and most of the accessories unchanged. However, the look is completely new, both in regard to the fairings and the graphics.

The SPH1 chassis is part of the latest generation of Luxor chassis and it is the highest level of development of the brand put on a track by the manufacturer Lenzokart. The chassis presented in the last approval session (2015) was not a revolution, but it was a refinement of the previous version of the chassis: Luxor engineers focussed in particular on the concept of lightness, using the highest quality materials and high precision mechanical processing.
This is the premise for the characteristic of a chassis that perfectly suits the various types of tyres without needing to totally modify the set-up. Another plus is the ease of setting-up the SPH1: the chassis responds to even the smallest change to the set-up, allowing you find the right set-up for the track conditions quickly.
This characteristic significantly helps the driving style of young competitors from the minor classes, so that they may demonstrate their potential immediately.

The frame of the Luxor SPH1 is made of 30 mm diameter tubes and is welded by hand. Two removable bars are usually mounted, front and left side, depending on the type of track.
Regarding the C, caster and camber angles, the Luxor chassis relies on the classic adjustable ring nut system, revised in order to improve rigidity and compactness when subjected to force during cornering.

The main novelty regarding the 2019 version of the SPH1 chassis is its completely renewed look. The chassis has the fairings of the latest approval by KG, the 506 model, designed to improve drag coefficient. Thanks to its rounded shape in the middle, the front spoiler increases the rider's protection from air flows, while on the right and left sides the lowering that allows the air flow to increase towards the braking system, radiator and engine is evident. As well as new fairings there are new graphics which, however, confirm the brand’s main colours: orange, white and black, with nuanced shades. However, as mentioned, from a technical point of view the 2019 version of the SPH1 chassis has not changed: the approval, dated 2015, expires in 2020 and the Sicilian technicians have not highlighted any particular area on which they wish to intervene, also considering the excellent feedback received from the racing team's customers and drivers who use it in the main international events.

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