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TKART magazine Under Review | Opportunity 2020: the successful tradition of Mini karts from Parolin
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Max Bernardi
13 March 2020
CIK-FIA 2020-2023

The Parolin Opportunity homologation is dated 2020: the first one dedicated by the Federation to the MiniKart class. It has a validity of 3 years


The chassis can be used in the categories dedicated to the younger drivers, such as the Mini and the Baby.

28 mm

According to the Minikart regulations the tubes that compose the chassis must have a 28 mm diameter.


There are two “schools of thought”: manual or automated. Parolin welds automatically.


Standard accessories are made of aluminum, with the option to request them in magnesium.

In recent years, the Parolin Racing Kart Opportunity kart has emerged as one of the most successful products in the Mini class, conquering the 2017, 2018 and 2019 editions of the WSK Super Master Series. It was inevitable that, with the establishment of the first CIK-FIA homologation, unifying the national homologations issued by the federations of each country under a single regulation, the Italian company would also unveil a new version of its kart for younger drivers.

There are many innovations that need to be analysed, starting with what has remained unchanged from the past: the shape of the frame and the type of tube used. A mix of factors that has proven to give the chassis an extensive ability to adapt to any conditions of grip on the various tracks. The welding of the frame is performed by robots, through a fully automated process in which Parolin has invested heavily and which can count on new, latest generation machinery that have increased the quality of the product even further. Marco Parolin, son of the owner of the company Albino, is very clear on this point: "For Parolin Racing Kart, automated welding is a must, because it allows us to produce with consistent levels of quality and eliminate human error. The experience gained over the years has allowed us to define the optimum welding process, which not only depends on the latest generation of robots, but also on the management of the jigs, as well as the cutting and bending of tubes".
The new Oppurtunity gits the latest homologated Dynamica Mini fairings kit
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The new Oppurtunity gits the latest homologated Dynamica Mini fairings kit
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The floor panel follows the perimeter of the front of the chassis
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The adjustable steering wheel
An internal slide rail allows the steering column to be moved and modifications to the Ackermann angle
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Having spoken about continuity with the past, represented by the frame, the Opportunity 2020 chassis is certainly not bereft of innovations. The first change can be found on the steering column support, on which the puma, the company’s logo, is now engraved by laser. The steering column also has a system which uses an internal slide rail that allows it to be moved back and forth, adjusting the parameters of the Ackerman angle in a few seconds so as to facilitate the set-up of the chassis to the characteristics of the track and the driver’s preferences.
The pedals machined from solid are also the same, adjustable according to the height of the driver and characterised by the use of a uniball that connects the brake rod to the pedal, allowing the system to work in axis.
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