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2021 Gearup Challenge
15 December 2020

The coming season sees some changes at the Gearup Challenge, three venues are set to make up the 2021 competition year.

With so many variables in our daily lives we felt not overdoing it would be the safest way to ensure a fun and a highly competitive season. Visiting the biggest and most challenging circuits on offer in the Northeast will set the challenge apart from anything else in the region! The first round of the year will be hosted at a racetrack no stranger to incredible racing, Pittsburgh International Race Complex will offer a great starting point for the west and eastern based racers. NY Race Complex is set for the second venue and as many know this location has combined many top Canadian racers to join the action over the past three years. The final rounds have traditionally been held at New Jersey Motorsports Park and no surprise it will again in 2021. All Competition classes are listed on the website, 100cc and Briggs classes will again be included as invitational classes at specific venues. Season Passes and special all inclusive deals will be available shortly. Stay tuned for further information.

The Gearup Challenge has become known as an incredibly tough championship to win, 2021 will be tougher than ever! The stage is set and the dates have been determined.
The rest is up to you!

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