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A top-of-the-range performance for LeCont in the World Championship
27 September 2023

In Germany from September 7 to September 10 at Wackersdorf on the ProKart Raceland circuit powered by LeCont, the FIA Karting world event for 125cc gearbox karts took place in excellent conditions and gave rise to a highly intense competition that was thrilling to follow. The KZ World Championship, the KZ2 World Cup and the KZ2 Masters International Supercup brought together nearly 240 drivers, all racing on LeCont tyres, which made a major contribution to the success of the meeting, offering performance and consistency over four days.

The long-awaited Wackersdorf event delivered its verdict in the presence of the major international teams and drivers from different horizons, above all with complete sporting fairness thanks to the involvement of the LeCont brand, whose tyres gave complete satisfaction to the many competitors. The Italian brand was delighted to record times never achieved before at Wackersdorf. In Friday morning practice, Frenchman Emilien Denner clocked 45"177, before Paolo Ippolito clocked 45"165 in the following session. That was one and a half seconds faster than the fastest time in the FIA European Karting Championship two years earlier and even three tenths faster than the previous circuit record already achieved in dazzling fashion by LeCont during the "Road to Wackersdorf" event, held at the end of July in preparation for the FIA Karting World Championship.

More importantly, the 'prime' tyres went the distance, never suffering any pronounced degradation and offering remarkable consistency. However, tyres were extremely hard-pressed in Germany, particularly in KZ2, with a programme comprising a Qualifying session, seven heats and a Super Heat per driver with a quota of six tyres, before the Final race contested on new tyres.

Of the tyres allocated to each driver, two almost reached the distance corresponding to the CIK-FIA homologation criteria, i.e. 150 km. Despite this, the times were still very good on Sunday in the Super Heat. Future KZ2 World Cup winner Niels Tröger from Germany clocked a time of 45"897 in his very first heat on Friday, and again posted a time of 46"018 in his Super Heat on Sunday.

With the ambient heat frequently exceeding 30 degrees and the grip conditions high, LeCont can be proud of its performance.

"It was a world event like we like to see," commented Paolo Bombara, marketing manager for the Italian brand. "There were three categories, lots of drivers entered, plenty of spectators lining the track and thousands of followers following the event via live streaming. I congratulate Stefan Fritsch, who is also one of LeCont's partners, on the quality of his organisation. Each of the many races was a great spectacle in the Bavarian sun. Seeing Davide Foré and Alessandro Manetti neck and neck for a major international victory took us back into the history of karting. I would also like to congratulate all the drivers and I am pleased that LeCont was able to support them with products that were particularly well suited to this major world event.”

In addition to Davide Foré's victory ahead of Alessandro Manetti and Thomas Mich in KZ2 Masters, Niels Tröger introduced himself to the world by beating Alex Powell and Daniel Vasile in KZ2, before Paolo Ippolito became the new KZ World Champion ahead of Viktor Gustafsson, the winner in 2022, and Stan Pex.

Press Release © LeCont

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