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ACI-ROK Italian Championship. The first four winners
02 May 2018

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The Rok arrives in the Italian ACI Championship and does so by giving a show worthy of its fame with four different winners. To take the lion's share on the International circuit of Siena were three foreigners, Morgato (BRA) and Ugochukwu (USA) in the Junior Rok and Maciej Szysko (POL) in the Senior. The only Italian winner was Pietro Delli Guanti.

Morgato escapes at the top from the start, ruthuzza the initial attacks of Ugochukwu and Cecchi and flies to a clear victory.
Behind the Brazilian there is Ugochukwu who is a challenger in the early stages of the race, battling with Cecchi, Carasquedo (Mex), Gulizia and Lukasiewicz (Pol).
With the passing of the laps the champion of the Florida Winter Tour 2018, Alvarenga Matheus Morgato, consolidates the record while Cecchi and Gulizia proceed in tandem in second and third place. In the meantime, Ugochukwu suffers Croccolino's comeback and Carasquero's return, the author of a difficult start.
While Morgato cuts the finish line as a winner is Cecchi who gives the last thrill, slipping Gulizia, at the last corner, thanks to a tightrope breaker.

Cristian Comanducci does his best to keep the leadership, won in the heats, but after a few laps are Delli Guanti and Maciej Szyszko to take the first two positions, lengthening on the pursuers, Comanducci, Molinari, Szymon Szyszko, Szczurek and Zuccante.
The first two are marked throughout the race, without Delli Guanti giving in to the pressure of the strong Polish Rokker.
If the race of the first two is full of tension, it is no less a comparison for the podium with Szczurek (Pol) who has the best on Comanducci and Molinari.
Upon arrival Delli Guanti resists in extremis at the assault of M. Szyszko and starts in the best way the tricolor. On the podium, instead of Szczurek, Comanducci deserves to rise, as the penalty is assigned to the Pole for off-site position of the nose.

In the first stages of the race the spotlight is for Rubiolini, who starts well, with new tires, and pulls in the wake Lukasiewicz and Ugochukwu.
In the center of the Croccolino group, in full recovery, undergoes a contact and must start again from the bottom of the group. Riesce, however, to pass unharmed the first, excited, race stage, Gulizia, which quickly leads into the top five.
Half way through the race-1 protagonists, Cecchi and Morgato, both in the podium area.
Cecchi to the sound of fast laps, closes the gap with the leader Ugochukwu, going to take the leadership of the race. The American of Italy does not give up and closes the race in the wake of Lazio winning, in fact, the victory. In fact, the nose off-site in the Junior Rok of Cecchi, delivers success to Ugochukwu. Second is the 2018 champion of the Florida Winter Tour, Morgato, and the third closes a very effective Gulizia, on the second podium of the day. Rubiolini, taken in the front row with new tires, capitalizes on this strategic choice and collects a positive fourth place ahead of Jesse Carasquedo.

Bertonelli starts from the first position, as a result of the first eight positions of the grid reversed, and the young Tuscan manages to keep the head of the race for four rounds.
It is Maciej Szysko who passes the command in the fourth pass and flies towards victory, leaving behind an adrenaline battle.
Behind the leader there is no shortage of emotions with some of the podium pretenders who eliminate each other. Zuccante eBertonelli touch and leave the road paved for the second place at Szymon Szysko.
In the final stages the fight for third place makes several victims, starting with Comanducci, who touches Szymon Szysko and suffers the leak from the seat of the nose. At the same time, Szczurek and Muller (Swi) are not spared and open the door to the podium in Sella, until now not very lucky.
With the pinwheel penalties Kaprzyk (Pol), Delli Guanti and Cioci finish in this order behind the podium.

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