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Also the KGT Motorsport team is at the start of the new season with the OK-N and OKN-Junior engines
14 January 2023

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Team manager Stefano Tredicine is ready to make the Vortex engines debut in the two new federal categories.

Tests intensify with the new engines of the OK-N and OKN-Junior categories now ready to debut in the 2023 season. The new course for the federal categories in direct drive, wanted by FIA Karting and ACI Sport to create a more simple step to access the international categories, is now a reality and will soon see the light in the national calendar in Italy and also in other European countries.

Among the teams that tested the new engines is also KGT Motorsport, headed by Stefano Tredicine, fresh from the tests in Lonato and Viterbo with the new Vortex engines in the two OK-N and OKN-Junior categories.

This is Stefano Tredicine's comment: “I immediately believed in this new Federation project because I believe it was necessary to set up an intermediate direct drive category that is easier to use than the international OK and OKJ. The tests we carried out in Viterbo with the OKN-Junior version and more recently in Lonato with the OK-N confirmed the quality of the product and above all its simplicity. In fact, everything is much simpler than engines with electric start, and with a good power compromise compared to international categories. They are ideal for starting. I think it is a necessary and useful step before tackling the higher categories. We tested the OK-N configuration in Lonato with the two Polish drivers Bartosz Grzywacz and Michal Bartoszuk, and the OKN-Junior in Viterbo with Nicolò Coppotelli and Federico Sbardellati. Everyone was very satisfied. We will start the season with some preparation races to then tackle the 2023 Italian ACI Karting Championship.”

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