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Also the Sima Racing team with the OK-N and OKN-Junior engines
11 January 2023

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The satisfaction of team manager Fabio Ortenzi and his drivers for the test carried out with the Modena Engines engines.

The tests with the new OK-N and OKN-Junior engines continue with increasing interest in view of the next competitive season. The "Sima Racing" team from Albano Laziale also took to the track in Arce in recent days, with its team manager Fabio Ortenzi and its drivers who tested both the Junior and Senior versions. The tested engines were the Modena Engines, with the presence also of the manager Danilo Rossi, on the chassis made available by Armando Filini.

The feedback was excellent with great satisfaction from the drivers, mechanics and staff. The compactness and lightness of the new engines, simple and easy to install on the chassis, were judged particularly interesting. These are the impressions of the drivers: “The difference in power with the other TAGs is very interesting. This new engine is really fun to drive, always ready and snappy in all conditions. A few laps were enough to find the right feeling with these new powers. Even the starting phase was immediately simple and immediate, a few meters of thrust and you are immediately in motion".

The comment of the team manager Fabio Ortenzi: “Personally, I am fully satisfied with the test carried out. The management of these new engines turns out to be very simple, both as regards the set-up and as regards maintenance, above all with regard to the management costs which appear to be contained precisely due to the right competition introduced. We immediately believed in the FIA Karting project and enthusiastically welcomed the programs of our Federation. We can't wait to start next season, where we will be present both in the Italian Zone Cup and in the Italian ACI Karting Championship, but also in some of the most prestigious international races that will take place in Italy. I address a special thanks to Modena Engines for the supply of the engines, and to Armando Filini for the supply of the chassis, who will be our official partners for 2023".

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