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Also TK Kart on track with the new OK-N and OKN-Junior engines
30 December 2022

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Interest in the new OK-N and OKN-J engines intensifies in view of the 2023 season.

Adhesions continue for the new OK-N and OKN-Junior categories which in 2023 will take to the track in the national championships following the initiative desired by CIK-FIA and shared by ACI Sport. The TK Kart team was also among the teams that appreciated the two new categories created to better prepare the drivers for the next step in OK and OKJ.

Here is the comment of owner Tony Taglienti on the occasion of a recent test with TM Racing engines: “We were positively surprised by the performance of the OK-N engine, with excellent impressions from the drivers. The engine is a lot of fun to drive and very simple to set up.”

The new OK-N and OKN-Junior engines will be used in the Italian Championship and in the WSK series, but their use is envisaged right from the basic activity, in all the tests of the Italian Zone Cup, in the single round of the Italian Cup ACI Karting (Arce, October 15), in the Italian Championship for Regional Teams (Battipaglia, October 29) and in the ACI Karting National Trophy (Corridonia, November 19).

While the first FIA Karting OK-N World Cup has already been announced for 2024, the CIK-FIA is already offering an international test for this new category in 2023. The "Road to the World Cup" will be organized on the sidelines of the FIA Karting OK and OK-Junior World Championship on October 8, 2023 in Franciacorta (ITA). Grouped in a specific paddock, the OK-N competitors will be perfectly integrated into this major world event and will benefit from extensive media coverage. This international test will be accessible to everyone without prior qualification.

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