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Briggs Kart Championship 2020, Ala - Round 1, Report
Giovanni Mele
09 July 2020

The Briggs Kart Championship 2020 kicked off with over 60 drivers competing on the Ala track in the 1st Round of the season. All races were balanced and spectacular, with photo finish arrivals and exciting duels. Like the one who opposed in team Mini teammates (Team Raceland) Gabriel Moretto and Giole Girardello, who finished in a tie with a victory and a 2nd place each after a correct and compelling comparison both in Race 1 and in Race 2. Even more incredible is the arrival in the sprint of Race 1 in the Master with the drivers of Team Paprika Simone Frealdo and Giuliano Ghidini who arrived under the checkered flag exactly paired with the same time. Thanks to the fastest final lap the success went to Frealdo, while Ghidini redeemed himself with the victory in Race 2. Two different winners also in the Junior, where Race 1 went to Lorenzo Casarini (Zena Karting) and Race 2 to Alessandro Mele (Racing Kart), while in the Senior Andrea Ceccato of the Raceland team took the only double statement of the day leaving the Trentino track with a full score. The Ala track also baptized the new Rookie project, the non-competitive category dedicated to the very young between 6 and 8 years old on which the promoters will work to generate a sort of itinerant Kart School following the Championship.

MINI - Gioele Girardello in the timed practice got the first Trophy of the season conquering pole position. In Race 1, Raceland's young rider took off well taking the lead of the race in front of teammate Moretto, but soon a duel between the two pretenders to victory started with various overtaking each other until the compelling sprint finish that saw Moretto prevail over his opponent by only 43 thousandths. Excellent 3rd place for Samuele Cecchetto, who remained late in the race and then capable of an exceptional recovery. The test by Fabio Ferlicca of the Racing Kart team was also positive, obtaining the 4th place of measurement on Giacomo Galesso. Afterwards, Kerdal took 6th place on Costa, Romano, Miori and Donanzan, who completed the top ten.

In Race 2 the duel between Girardello and Moretto was repeated, which Cecchetto joined before remaining delayed by an error at the central hairpin where he went to the head-tail losing some positions. In the final stages, Gioele Girardello managed to contain Moretto's latest assault by conquering his first victory in the Briggs Series, while Fabio Ferlicca made 3rd place his. Giacomo Galesso and Samuele Cecchetto got on the 4th and 5th step of the podium, who in his recovery made him mark the fastest lap of the race. Following, Romano preceded Kerdal, Costa, Miori and Farro.

JUNIOR - Race 1 of the Junior was very lively and animated by a beautiful duel between Mele and Cambiaso, culminating in a contact that forced Mele to retire 2 laps from the end. Due to the race contact Cambiaso was penalized by 5 "having to yield the victory to Lorenzo Casarini of the Zena team.

In Race 2 came the redemption for Alessandro Mele, who started very well and was able to take command of the race in the early stages and then conquer the 1st deserved success. Behind him was classified Rodolfo Cambiaso, good at prevailing over Clerici and Casarini with whom he fought for a long time.

SENIOR - Andrea Ceccato of the Raceland team conquered pole in qualifying and led Race 1 with great maturity until victory, despite the constant pressure of the reigning champion Nicolò Tarocco (Team Paprika), who closed behind him preceding an excellent and concrete Wesley Bettinelli. Damiano Rossato also placed in great evidence, 4th classified ahead of Diego Colella, debutant from Junior where he won the championship last year. Afterwards, Monfrini, Valmassoi, Padoan, Castelli and Danese completed the top ten.

In Race 2, Ceccato confirmed himself by conquering the success ahead of Wesley Bettinelli, who in the early stages had also passed to lead the race before the rider of the Raceland team returned to the lead, being the only driver capable of achieving a double success in the inaugural stop of Ala. In 3rd place was Nicolò Tarocco, who did not express the speed to play for success, but he defended himself very well in the head train conquering very important points in a championship key. Afterwards, Colella closed in 5th position, which preceded Valmassoi and Danese, then Monfrini preceded Padoan and Castelli.

MASTER - In the timed tests Marco Castiglioni was the fastest and also at the start of Race 1 the driver of the Miout team drove the head train made up of Ghidini and the debutants Frealdo, Ferlito and Ottini. In the 15 laps of the race the overtaking and the show offered by the top drivers were exceptional, up to the epilogue from the history of karting: Simone Frealdo of team Paprika won over teammate Ghidini closing the race exactly with the same time, prevailing only thanks to the best time recorded on the track. In 3rd place was an excellent Salvatore Ferlito, good at prevailing measurement over Michele Ottini and Marco Castiglioni, respectively 4th and 5th at the finish. Afterwards, Michele Marro preceded Munaretto, Russo, Melchiotti and Ferdusi.

In Race 2 the confrontation between Frealdo and Ghidini came up again from the 1st lap, but in a short time Marco Castiglioni and Salvatore Ferlito also entered the fight for leadership, who touched each other just before the middle of the race, generating a carambola that Ottini and Munaretto also involved. For this maneuver Ferlito was penalized by 10 "retreating in 16th position, while Castiglioni, Ottini and Munaretto, once they resumed the track ended out of the top ten. The fight for victory, however, ended in favor of Ghidini, who preceded Frealdo by 196 thousandths. An excellent Martino Pienovi was classified in 3rd place and Puddu preceded Galiazzo in 4th position. Following this, Gastaldi obtained 6th place ahead of Strafurini, Cazzolli, Zanette and Ferdusi.

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