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Briggs Kart Championship - Cremona - Round 2, Report
Giovanni Mele
31 July 2020

The drivers (70 participants), the show and the emotions on the track are growing in the promotional series Briggs Kart Championship, which on the Cremona track played the 2nd seasonal appointment. The 4 competitive categories in the race were also confirmed on the Lombard track, with the victories decided once again in the closing stages of each Final. In Mini, the experience and determination of Gabriel Moretto (Raceland - Redder) prevailed, who achieved a very important double success in the championship, like that of Nicolò Tarocco of the Paprika Racing team in the Senior. In Junior, however, Alessandro Raimondi conquered the top step of the podium in Race 1 at his debut, while in Race 2 the success went to Alessandro Mele of Racing Kart. Finally, in the Master, the victory was a private matter at Paprika Racing, with Simone Frealdo winner in Race 1 and Giuliano Ghidini in Race 2. In the championship, Moretto leads the Mini classification with 95 points on Girardello spaced 5 points, in the Junior commands Mele with 85 points against the 76 of Cambiaso, in the Senior Tarocco he overtook Ceccato with 88 points against the opponent's 85, while in the Master it is absolute parity between Ghidini and Frealdo both at an altitude of 90 lengths. Unfortunately, in the 1st Final of the Senior, due to a race contact, Rossato ended up in the tires, reporting an injury that did not allow him to continue the event. We wish him all the best for a speedy recovery and look forward to seeing him on the track soon, perhaps already from the next round of the Championship scheduled for September 6 in Viverone, Piedmont.

MINI. The pole position went again to Gioele Giradello (Raceland), who conquered the Greentire Trophy for the second consecutive time. But in the race Gabriel Moretto started better and controlled his opponent until the last lap, when he reacted very well to Girardello's last attack, gaining success for only 21 thousandths on his opponent. Emanuele Romano of the K-Dad Motorsport team finished a race in 3rd place, while Giacomo Galesso took 4th place ahead of Costa, who completed the podium. Unfortunate Cecchetto, who ended up in the head-tail while fighting for 3rd place and therefore had to settle for 10th place preceded by Farro and Marchesi. Magistro and Muzzolon are also highlighted, respectively 6th and 7th at the finish.

In Race 2 Gabriel Moretto confirmed himself in great sprinkling repeating the success of the 1st Final, while behind him confirmed an exceptional feeling with the Cremona circuit Emanuele Romano, who conquered a beautiful 2nd place and many points in the championship key. The race of Giacomo Galesso was also very positive, 3rd placed ahead of Girardello and Magistro. In 6th place Cecchetto was classified, therefore Marchesi preceded Costa, Farro and Muzzolon.

JUNIOR: An error by Mele gave Alessandro Raimondi the success in Race 1, good at catching a full success in the debut race. However, Mele limited the damage in a championship key with 2nd place, preceding Cambiaso and Casarini.

In Race 2 a technical problem stopped Raimondi, leaving the green light to Mele who returned to success ahead of Casarini and Cambiaso.

SENIOR: Tarocco, Ceccato and Bettinelli put on a show in Race 1, competing for victory with various overtaking and ending in order under the checkered flag collected in just 3 tenths. An excellent Colella came in 4th place, preceding Tecchio, Valmassoi and Monfrini. The top ten was completed by Fontanella, 8th at the finish line ahead of Clerici and Castelli.

In Race 2 the script was repeated, but this time Tecchio also entered the head train to fight for success, but despite the pressure of the opponents once again Nicolò Tarocco, who preceded Bettinelli, Tecchio and Ceccato. Colella finished 5th, ahead of Valmassoi, Monfrini and Castelli. Clerici ranked 9th in front of Maci.

MASTER: Marco Castiglioni of the Miout team who started from pole drove the race for a long time, but in the final he had to give way to Frealdo, Ghidini and Ferlito, who finished in the order divided by a few tenths. In 4th place Marco Strafurini entered well, while Castiglioni had to settle for 5th place ahead of Galiazzo and Gastaldi. The top ten was completed by Ligotti and Pienovi, both competing with the colors of Zena Karting.

In Race 2 the duel at Paprika Racing between Ghidini and Frealdo was renewed, with the first one having won by measure on his teammate, while in 3rd place also Castiglioni fought for the victory. Afterwards, Ferlito again conquered an important placement for the Championship making his 4th place, while Pienovi was classified in 5th position. To follow, Galiazzo preceded Strafurini, Puddu, Gastaldi and Russo.

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