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Briggs Kart Championship - Cremona - Round 4, Report
Giovanni Mele
16 October 2020

The 4th round of the season of the Briggs Kart Championship series took place on the Cremona track under a pouring rain that did not spare the drivers all day. Despite the track conditions, which at times were very difficult, the organizational machine worked at its best, allowing you to carry out the entire program without having to cut races and above all useful scores in terms of the championship. The drivers present were exceptional on the track offering a great show, without contacts and dangerous situations. The victories in this important stage for the economy of the 2020 Championship went to Ferlicca and Cecchetto in the Mini, to Mele in both the Junior finals, in the Senior in Tarocco in Race 1 and Colella in Race 2, while in the Master he obtained an important double affirmation Ghidini. In the Championship standings, Cecchetto leads the Mini ranking with 139 points in front of Galesso, only 2 points behind and Ferlicca, who rose to 3rd place with 112 points, consolidated his leadership in the Junior Mele, reaching 173 points against Casarini's 163 and 152 of Cambiasso, in the Senior Tarocco he returned to the lead, albeit on equal points (163) with Ceccato, while in the Master, Ghidini stretched to 165 points against Castiglioni's 116 and Frealdo's 115, unlucky protagonist in Cremona.

MINI - Fabio Ferlicca took his first pole, taking home the coveted Greentire Trophy and also in Race 1 he confirmed himself as the protagonist by winning the race on a track that was very treacherous due to the rain. Behind him closed Giacomo Galesso, who took advantage of a penalty inflicted on Samuele Cecchetto for an early start, winning a very important second place for the championship standings. In any case, Cecchetto's race also remains positive, slipping to 3rd place ahead of Marchesi and Kerdal. In Race 2, however, Samuele Cecchetto took the chair also taking advantage of a mistake by Ferlicca in the first laps, winning with a good margin over Galesso, once again good at taking home important points and a well-deserved podium. In 3rd place Kerdal finished his best race of the season, preceding Marchesi, Magistro and Ferlicca. In view of the last Round of Pomposa, the challenge for the title will be exciting, with Cecchetto leading with only 2 points over Galesso and 26 points over Ferlicca, in addition to Girardello and Moretto, absent in the Cremona stage.

JUNIOR - Alessandro Mele on the wet track was able to bring home two imported victories in terms of the championship, winning both Race 1 and Race 2. Lorenzo Casarini finished behind Mele in Race 1, while Rodolfo Cambiaso finished in 3rd place . In Race 2, however, the place of honor went to Cambiaso with Casarini 3rd classified. Alessandro Mele of the Racing Kart team reached 173 points in the Championship, followed by Casarini at 163 and Cambiaso at 152.

SENIOR - Nicolò Tarocco did not make a mistake in Race 1 and after starting from pole he led the race to the checkered flag, winning a very important victory for the championship standings. Behind him also Diego Colella closed a race as protagonist, while the 3rd step of the podium went to an excellent Mauro Nicola. In 4th place went Andrea Ceccato, who limited the damage as regards the general classification, taking home important points. Following, Alessandro Castelli preceded Giulio Strafurini and Wesley Bettinelli. In Race 2, Diego Colella showed a step above all and was able to control Nicolò Tarocco up to the checkered flag, winning his first success of the season. For Tarocco the 2nd place is still an excellent result, which brings him back to the top of the championship standings even if on equal points with the direct opponent Andrea Ceccato, who finished in 3rd place in Race 2. Afterwards, Bettinelli did his 4th position ahead of Nicola Mauro and Thomas Brundu.

MASTER - In qualifying Giuliano Ghidini took pole position, proving to be very at ease on the wet Cremona track. And the feeling with the rain for the Paprika Racing Team rider was also confirmed in Race 1, where he won with a large margin over Marco Castiglioni and Simone De Martini, who conquered the 2nd and 3rd step of the podium. Alessandro Russo's race was also positive, starting from the 1st row, due to a mistake, he slipped to 4th place ahead of the excellent Gastaldi and Cossetti. Following this, Ottini took 7th place ahead of Dall’Aglio. The big disappointment in Race 1, on the other hand, was Simone Frealdo, who finished out at the 1st corner. Giuliano Ghidini was also unbeatable in Race 2, while Marco Castiglioni, who had started very well, ended up in the lead in the early stages of the race, only 16th outside the points. On the other hand, an excellent Ruben Gastaldi did not do anything wrong, taking 2nd place ahead of Russo. Another positive test for De Martini, 4th at the finish line in front of Baronchelli, Michele Marro, Galiazzo and Ferlito. For Frealdo, unfortunately, a new retirement has arrived, so Ghidini has jumped alone to the top of the championship standings with 165 points, followed by Castiglioni with 116 and Frealdo, who slipped to 3rd place with 115 points. But obviously, in the double appointment of Pomposa all the games will be open.

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