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Castelletto crowns the 2020 Easykart international champions
Giovanni Mele
13 October 2020

A weekend with a high adrenaline rate, spectacular show and incredible actions on track: the 2020 Grand Finals were a fantastic highlight of a particular season that managed to give us the same emotions that only real karting and our paddock can give. From a mere sporting point of view, the 7 Laghi Kart crowned the 2020 international champions: Filippo Sala (60 Easykart), Daniele D'Urso (100 Easy), Francesco Ruga (125), Rosolino Caralla (Senior), Andrea Filaferro (Junior Shifter) and Leonardo Principalli (BMB Challenge).

60 Easykart: Filippo Sala is the new international champion

MLG Racing driver brought home the success after an eventful and thrilling final: in fact, Owen Bahobeshi crossed the finish line first but was then given a ten-second time penalty by the stewards. The national champion Cristian Tonalini confirmed himself at the top with his second place overall while the Prefinal winner Gabriel Moretto finished in third spot. During the weekend, Emilio Tedesco claimed pole while the two heats were won by Cristian Tonalini and Dylan Turri respectively.

100 Easy: double win for Daniele D'Urso.

There’s no debate. VRK Racing’s Daniele D'Urso dominated also in the International Final. After winning the Easykart Trophy with four wins, D'Urso also came back home with the most important victory of the year at the end of a dominated weekend: Daniele did an en-plein in all the sessions he took, achieving pole, winning Manche 1 and 2 and crossing the finish line of the Prefinal in first place. Behind him, the battle for podium positions raged throughout the Final, with a one-second gap between the second and the fifth driver: Riccardo Tocu is the vice-champion, Miroslav Mikes finished third.

125: Francesco Ruga is the national and international champion

Feroce Motorsport’s Francesco Ruga managed to score the double success too as he made it both in the Easykart Trophy and in the International Final. Unlike the 100 Easykart, the 125 category saw greater suspense through the weekend: in fact, Andrea Torello took pole position, while Ruga and his teammate Gabriele Cazzaniga won the heats. On Sunday, however, there was no story with Ruga winner in the Prefinal and in the Final: Andrea Torello finished just a second off the winner, Andrea Fersini climbed up to the third step of the podium.

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125 Senior: Rosolino Caralla returns to success

After missing the national title, Abruzzo Karting’s Rosolino Caralla returned to the top step of the podium in the most important race of the year. An uncertain weekend, however, with six contenders battling it out: if Caralla achieved the pole position, the victory in both heats was taken by Domenico Palumbo, who also won the Prefinal. In the final, however, Caralla (ninth overall) won ahead of Palumbo with a photo-finish end after a spectacular race. Fabio Marangon achieved the third step of the podium.

Junior Shifter: Andrea Filaferro is the first international champion ever

An exciting first official race weekend with a final twist. This could be the slogan for the Castelletto weekend of the Junior Shifter, the new international category with drivers coming from multiple European countries: the debut of this class was scheduled at the beginning of the season, but due to the Covid-19 pandemic it had to be postponed.. Despite the various still strict rules imposed by several European countries, six drivers competed in Castelletto: the weekend was dominated by Lily Djavanbakht, the RTR Racing driver who won in Manche 1, Manche 2 and Prefinal. Unchallenged leader also in the Final, Lily had to settle for the sixth place due to a technical issue in the very last stage of the race. The winner was Andrea Filaferro (Filaferro Karting) ahead of Edward Gavrila and Tommaso Bianchi.

BMB Challenge: a dominant victory by Leonardo Principalli

After winning on track already in Franciacorta, Leonardo Principalli achieved his first seasonal success in the most important race of the year and the race with the most drivers ever (29!). The Swiss driver becomes the second BMB champion ever following a dominated weekend: the MLG Karting driver was the author of the pole position in qualifying, he won in both Manche 1 and Manche 2 while he finished second in the Prefinal (race won by Paolo Orsini) after an excellent recovery. In the Final, Leonardo took the victory with an almost eight-second gap: in second place Mattia Ingiardi, in third Daniele Tassone.

24 drivers on track in 50 Easytraining.

A great success also for the 50 Easytraining, the recreational-sports category reserved for children and the future Easy drivers: with the presence of the coach Sabino de Castro, children were protagonists of a competition weekend with free practices, simulations, meetings with the explanation of the rules, the behaviours to be kept on track and the special award ceremony at the end of the event.

The official 2020 Easykart season ended in Castelletto: although it was a particular year due to the pandemic situation, we experienced some incredible moments, unique emotions, joys for the positive results obtained and despair for not achieving the desired result. We shared five Easykart Trophy meetings, an international final, two pre-season collective test sessions and we stayed together in the most difficult moments with the virtual trophy. Congratulations to our national and international winners but, above all, thanks to all of you: all our drivers, teams, engineers, the parents and relatives of the riders, the track managers, the marshals and those of the various paddocks, the race directors, all the Easykart staff, Birel ART, our partners, the media, our fans on Facebook and followers on Instagram. We will meet again soon… stay tuned on our social channels for all the updates and lots of new content.

Stay safe, stay racing… and Think Easy!

Foto by Daniele Ghinassi - Fotoghinassi Sport - To request the photos: - [email protected]


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