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Chequered flag for the IAME drivers in Lonato del Garda
07 September 2023

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Last and decisive race of the season of the IAME Series Italy, September 10th at the South Garda circuit in Lonato. In the final sprints in the standings, the challenge is to the current leaders Jesse Phillips (GB) in X30 Mini, Tiziano Kuzhnini (CH) in X30 Junior, Manuel Scognamiglio (I) in X30 Senior, Diego D'Agostino (I) in X30 Master Gentlemen, Luca Sgualdino (I) in X30 Master Pro, Alessandro Cocozza (I) in KA100 Jr and Eric Gervasi (I) in KA100 Sr.
Live streaming on Sunday, September 10, from South Garda Karting on the IAME Series Italy YouTube channel.

The 2023 edition of the IAME Series Italy ends on Sunday, September 10, with the last of the 8 stages of a season attended by riders from all over the world, coming from 5 continents, representing 30 countries. With the success of these data, the IAME single-brand series completes its calendar, after having brought the proposal of international quality Karting with low management costs from North to South Italy: a further reason for satisfaction for X30 Promotion, which in providing for the organisation and promotion of the IAME Series, it has once again found satisfaction with its drivers. As always, the production of the event included live streaming of the battles on the track for the entire day of the race, through its YouTube and Facebook media channels, as well as from the website

Racing for the final prize pool
On the 1200 meters of the South Garda Karting circuit in Lonato (BS), which already hosted the previous round last July, the final challenges will be held in all category rankings, in which in many cases there is talk of open battles every solution. Each driver aspires to a very respectable prize pool, which offers an IAME X30 engine to the winner in each of the X30 Mini, X30 Junior, X30 Senior and X30 Master categories. For podium positions there are also vouchers to be converted into racing material, worth €1500 for second place and €1000 for third place. In both classes of the KA100, Junior and Senior, 3 sets of tires together with 3 Kg of racing oil will be awarded to the winner, 2 sets and 3 Kg of oil to the second, 1 set and 1 Kg of oil to the third. The awards will be awarded as part of the next event organized by X30 Promotion, namely the Final Games scheduled at the same Lonato circuit, on the weekend of November 11 to November 12.

Jesse Phillips leads in X30 Mini
In the comparisons on the track and in the rankings, a young English rider stands out, Jesse Phillips (Fusion Motosrport), ready to respond to the assaults that will come at him from the large pack of opponents of the X30 Mini. The Briton, as leader of the standings, in the previous event in Lonato had to deal with three of the drivers of the Driver Racing Kart Team, namely the Romanian Cristofor Cosma, who went on to win the race, the Bulgarian Lyuboslav Ruykov and Valerio Viapiana . The latter is Phillips' main pursuer in the standings, who has 542 points against his opponent's 380.5. Very close is the Swiss Francois Dario Kerdal (Team Driver Racing Kart), who at 354 points has the best podium position in his sights, while Jorge Edgar (Fusion Motorsport) and Samuele Cecchetto (M. Cecchetto) follow further behind, with their respective 227 and 220.5 points. Third place in the previous race in Lonato allowed Ruykov to rise to 194 points, overtaking Luigi Cocchianella (S. Cocchianella) in sixth place, who at 192 points now sees his seventh position threatened by the Englishman Jarlath Sayer (Fusion Motorsport ), also positive in the previous match, rising to 184.5. The recent victory in Lonato allowed a notable comeback for Cosma, who moved up to 10th with 141 points, so much so that he was close to the ninth position of Gioele Carrer (Scarpi Racing), at 152.

In X30 Junior hunt for the leader Tiziano Kuzhnini
Still nothing has been decided in X30 Junior, not even after the victory of the Swiss Tiziano Kuzhnini (Team Driver Racing Kart) at the previous race in July, where he had already presented himself as classification leader ahead of Roberto Castellozzi (TB Kart Racing Team). The two, with 423.5 and 406.5 points respectively, remain closely in the top two places in the rankings. But this time Riccardo Ferrari (M2 Racing) from Reggio is closer to both, having climbed to 403.5 points after the second place in the race, conquered in Lonato behind the young Swiss. Following the three in the final challenge is the Irishman Jack Buckley (D. Buckley), fourth at 304.5 and he too, like his opponents, is hunting for a new stage success. His brother Tadgh Buckley (D. Buckley) in the last round earned a position against Mattia D'Erme (MDR KT), climbing fifth to 225 points against 203 of the opponent. Excellent protagonist of the previous race, Filippo Pancotti (Team Driver Racing Kart) gained two positions, reaching 171 points to settle in 7th place ahead of Filippo Donanzan (Team Driver Racing Kart), Angelo D'Ortensio (C. D'Ortensio ) and Nico Carfagna (Modena Kart), who remained behind him with the score unchanged. A race within a race, all to be followed, is that of the X30 Lady IAME Series Italy 2023, a trophy that in each event rewards the best-placed girls in the Final. Looking down the X30 Junior classification, the French Angelina Proenca (F. Proenca) emerges, winner of the trophy in the previous race and now ahead with 60.5 points of the Turkish Leyla Sulyak (Team Driver Racing Kart), who follows at 56.5. Followed by Luisa Maria Della Pietra (Team Driver Racing Kart) and Maria Chiara Nardelli (KidiX), at 52 and 39 points, while further back are the Turkish Ayse Cebi (Modena Kart) at 22.5, the Swiss Chiara Battig (Kartbox.CH ) at 11, the Danish Alba Sophia Larsen (Autoeuropeo Motorsport) at 6, Veronica Ciocca (Renda Motorsport) and the Lithuanian Vanesa Silkunaite (Gamoto) at 5.

Manuel Scognamiglio flies in X30 Senior
Among the most crowded categories, the X30 Senior always sees Campanian Manuel Scognamiglio (T Motorsport) in the lead, who with the place of honor conquered in the previous round in Lonato consolidated his leadership with 358.5 points, ahead of the tenacious Andrea Barbieri (TB Kart Racing Team) who follows at 257.5. The season finale is in favor of Rafael Perard (P. Perard), who returns to South Garda as a driver to beat after winning the previous Final. The Frenchman, adding 226 points, rose in the ranking to third place, threatening Barbieri closely. But in the race for the podium in the category Cristian Biasatti, Barbieri's teammate, will also have their say with his 218.5 points, and the French Arnaud Malizia (TB Kart Racing Team), who is fifth only two lengths behind. In the top-10 of the category, the classification is open to all solutions between those who are following close behind: Francesco Marenghi (Modena Kart) is sixth with 183.5 points after having overtaken Giulio Olivieri (M2 Racing), stopped at 165 and closely followed just three points behind Giacomo Maman (TB Kart Racing Team). Brando Pozzi (M2 Racing), ninth at 150, is closely threatened by Ermanno Quintieri (M2 Racing), who follows at 145.5.

The two leaders of the X30 Master: D'Agostino in Gentlemen and Sgualdino in Pro
After dominating the X30 Master Gentleman, Diego D'Agostino (TK Driver Academy) from Caserta heads into the last round, leading with his 440.75 points over the Irishman Richard Faulkner (R. Faulkner), who follows with 297 points after the third place in his class achieved a month ago in Lonato. The last race also brought good results to the Greek Dimitrios Papanastasiou (Zanchi Motorsport), fourth in the Final and third in the standings with 226 points, and to the Polish Adrian Marcinkiewikz (ACR), in second place on the podium and fourth in the ranking, just 3 points from Papanastasiou. And the race in the standings for the definitive top positions promises to be heated, considering that a trio of very aggressive riders follow from 5th to 7th place just a few points behind: they are Danilo Lucchese (D. Lucchese) at 210.5, Marco Bambace (M. Bambace) at 207 and Andrea Scanferla (A. Scanferla) at 192.5 points, all capable of aiming for the podium. And it is not the last for Tino Donadei (T. Donadei), class winner in the previous race, who has risen to 148 points and is now close to Gianni Zani's (G. Zani) eighth place at 178. The top-10 closes with Marzio Cavini (M. Cavini), with 132.5 points. Still in X30 Master, the Pro ranking changed its appearance after Eric Chapon's (E. Chapon) race success at the end of July: the Frenchman jumped to third place with 112.5 points, behind Luca Sgualdino (OK1 Racing Team) who remains in command with 243.75, followed by Nicholas Volpato (N. Volpato) at 141.25. Also in this case, a final rush is preparing for several contenders in a very short ranking: Andrea Coltro (A. Coltro) with 82.5 points and Michael Boland (M. Boland) with 73.5 are fourth and fifth, followed closely by new entry Stefanos Kamitsakis (GSR Team), thanks to the 70 points obtained with the excellent second place in the July race. On the same occasion, fourth place in the Final also launched the German Marco Pislor (RS Motorsport) into the standings, eighth with 50 points, chasing Andrea De Stefanis (A. De Stefanis) with his 62.25 points. Closely followed by Alessandro Granelli (A. Granelli) at 48.5 and Cathal Boland (C. Boland) at 36.5.

In KA100, the lead went to Cocozza in Junior and Gervasi in Senior
Still nothing done in KA100, in the duel between Alessandro Cocozza (A. Cocozza) and Matteo Melis (TB Kart Racing Team) at the top of the Junior classification: the two, first and second with 364.5 and 349.25 points, have postponed at this weekend's race the decisive duel for the victory, after finishing the penultimate round on the podium with reversed positions, behind the winner Ewan Carrot (J. Carrot). Behind Nicholas De Maria (S. De Maria), third with 249.75 points, there are four riders in close contact with each other: Alessandro Battini (F. Battini) is fourth with 177.5 points, followed by Bruno Gressani ( G. Gressani) at 161.5 and Simone Donchi (M. Zanini) at 161, who overtook Pietro Mondin (S. Mondin) with 150.25. Carrot, projected forward by the recent victory, follows eighth with 121 points, ahead of the Greek Athina Pistioli (T Motorsport) on 105 and Christian Carlesso (OK1 Racing Team) on 94.5. Eric Gervasi (M. Gervasi) is still in command in the Senior rankings, rising to 182.25 after the latest victory in Lonato. Viola Germano (J Team) follows with 86.25 points and Mattia Furlan (M. Furlan) who has 78.25, ahead of the Frenchman Maxime Mortreux (F. Mortreux) at 65. Closing the ranking are Lorenzo Comuzzi (F Comuzzi), fifth at 59 points, with the French Jules Pinard (P. Pinard) and Nicholas Bronzi (N. Bronzi) behind him, tied for sixth at 41.5.

Press Release © IAME Series Italy

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