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Easykart Trophy winners announced in Franciacorta
19 September 2022

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An intense weekend lived with strong emotions, historic duels and heart-pounding races.

The last fiery round of the Easykart Trophy this season gave a great day of sport and decreed the 2022 champions: Andrii Kruglyk (Easykart 60), Gabriel Moretto (100 Easykart), Francesco Ruga (125 Easy), Marco Beretta ( Senior) and Marco Maestranzi (BMB Challenge).

In the special “Best Rookie Trophy” ranking dedicated to the new drivers of the Easykart 60 category, we find Frasnelli Julian in first place, Davoli Meschiari David second and Arrighini Giovanni third.

Also decreed the "Top Team Trophy" 2022 ranking:




The winners of the seventh round of the season were: David Davoli (Easykart 60), Alex Brunner (100 Easykart), Francesco Ruga (125 Easy), Marco Beretta (Senior) and Valentino Baracco (BMB Challenge).

Easykart 60: David Davoli wins his first seasonal success
Good... the last one! David Davoli obtained his first victory of the season in the most important race of the Trophy and it was a triumph on the edge of thousandths: nine hard-fought laps that gave history an uncertain Final until the end with the first five classified within just 484 thousandths. Davoli won with 0”106 on Julian Frasnelli, author of the fourth podium in his first year of racing, third place for Andrii Kruglyk at 0”228 and winner of the Sprint Race. Fourth place for Gioele Girardello at 0”414 (fastest lap) and fifth for John Ray Tronza. Pole position for Davoli.

Easykart 100: Alex Brunner wins in Castrezzato
Second triumph of the year for Alex Brunner after the first position obtained in the fifth round at Castelletto. A day of racing that saw very levelled track values ​​with several drivers competing for the final success: the best time in qualifying was in fact achieved by Gabriel Moretto, while the Sprint Race was won by Pietro Santese. The Final, interrupted on the sixteenth lap by the red flag, saw Brunner win ahead of Moretto for 372 thousandths and Gabriel Cuoco for 0”934. Fourth David Ostapenko, fifth Alessandro De Gaetano. Fastest lap for Dylan Turri, as we wish him a very prompt recovery from the whole Easy paddock. See you soon on the track Dylan!

Easykart 125: first seasonal center for Francesco Ruga. Sixth place overall for Senior Marco Beretta
The first win of the season for Francesco Ruga has arrived, after three consecutive podiums. A victory obtained at the end of a very uncertain Final and which was only set on the last lap with Ruga who crossed the line with an advantage of just 125 thousandths over Alessandro Viganò. Third step of the podium for Andrea Cappelletti (fastest lap). Pole position was always conquered by Ruga, while Marco Pirovano won the Sprint Race.

Senior Marco Beretta, man of the day: Marco closed the Final in sixth overall position after being fifth fastest in qualifying and having crossed the finish line of the Sprint Race in fourth place.

BMB Challenge: second victory for Valentino Baracco
Second triumph and fifth podium of the season for Valentino Baracco, who took advantage of the racing episodes to bring home the most important success of the national Trophy: Baracco passed under the checkered flag with an advantage of 0”281 over Alessandro Gnecchi and 0”423 on Marco Maestranzi - undisputed leader both in qualifying and in Sprint Race. The fastest lap was set by Baracco.

60 Academy: last seasonal outing before the Grand Final
Excellent participation with 14 baby drivers who participated in the last round of the Easykart Trophy. Under the guidance of the expert Roberto Baroni, who represented Instructor Sabino De Castro engaged in Barcelona in the 24H Series, the drivers were excellent protagonists in the Phases of the race and in the meeting held on Sunday morning. At the end of the event all the participants got on the podium and were rewarded for their continuous commitment to become tomorrow's Easydrivers!

If Easykart Trophy gives everyone an appointment at 2023, the attention of the entire paddock is now turned to the most important race of the year: the 21st International Easykart Final to be held from October 14 to October 16 on the Franciacorta Karting Track.
All information will come out shortly.

See you on the track. Stay racing, stay happy… and think Easy!

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