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Good start of the 30th Autumn Trophy in Lonato
Giovanni Mele
11 September 2020

The first round of the 30th Autumn Trophy at South Garda Karting in Lonato was held with good participation in the national categories Entry Level, 60 Mini Nazionale, MINI Gr.3 International, KZN and KZ2, with 140 drivers in track also valid for the second round of the ACI Karting Regional Championship of Lombardy, Piedmont, Valle d'Aosta and Liguria.

The 30th Autumn Trophy will be awarded on 11 October in the final round, with ranking determined by the sum of the points acquired in the two tests, which include 5 participation points, 3 points to the author of the pole position, the points won in the Prefinal (or at the end of the heats, from 30 points to the first to climb up to the 15th), and the points gained in the Final (from 50 points to the first to climb up to the 15th).

Hold wins the final of KZ2

In KZ2 it was Alessandro Buran on BirelART-Vortex who signed the pole position in qualifying, confirming himself as a winner also in the Prefinal ahead of Christoph Hold on Maranello-Tm. In the Final, however, it was Hold who took over and won the final race, ahead of Buran and Giacomo Pollini (Formula K-Tm) recovering from sixth place in the Prefinal. However, the winner of the last three editions of the Autumn Trophy, Massimo Dante (Maranello-Tm), failed to conquer the podium, having to settle for fourth position.

Trophy classification after the first round: 1. Hold 79 points; 2. Buran 78; 3. Pollens 49; 4. Dahlberg 47; 5. Dante 45.

Dominion of Tuia in KZN Junior

The KZN Junior was a beautiful final, with Denis Tuia on BirelART-Tm the winner after an initial advantage from Andrea Pastorino, also on BirelART. Tuia dominated the category after obtaining the best time in qualifying and the victory also in the Prefinal. Third place went to Francesco Coassin (Formula K-Tm), author of a great recovery from tenth position in qualifying and seventh place in the Prefinal.

Trophy classification after the first round: 1. Tuia points 88; 2. Shepherd 69; 3. Coassin 47; 4. Romeo 45; 5. Bertaiola and Morandi 35.

Super Magnani in KZN Under

Flawless victory for Alberto Magnani (BirelART-Tm) in KZN Under, with pole position in qualifying, success in the Prefinal and finally success in the Final. In both races, Daniele Spada (BirelART-Tm) and Michele Locatelli (TB Kart-Tm) ranked second and third. Michael Dalle Stelle (Maranello-Tm) was penalized by 10 seconds, who dropped from third place to fifth in the Final.

Trophy classification after the first round: 1. Magnani points 88; 2. Sword 69; 3. Locatelli 57; 4. Vix 45; 5. Manzoni 41.

In KZN Over it is a duel between Curti and Griggio.

In KZN Over the main protagonist in qualifying and in the Prefinal was Cristian Griggio, on Maranello-Tm, but in the Final it was Cristian Curti on Tony Kart-Vortex who won thanks to a perfect start in the final race. In the Final, Griggio tried to recover the first position, but Curti's response was always on time until he crossed the line in first position in a sprint finish with Griggio. Third was Manuel Marcon.

Trophy classification after the first round: 1. Curti points 79; 2. Gray 78; 3. Danti and Marcon 51; 5. Toffolon 43.

In the MINI International Lammers wins, in the Mini National Hall.

The two categories of Mini also contributed to enriching the Autumn Trophy weekend: 60 National Mini 2015-2020 homologation and the newly homologated CIK-FIA MINI Group 3 International.

The MINI Group 3 International saw the presence of 38 drivers, also in view of the round of the WSK Euro Series which will be held at South Garda Karting in the week of 20 September. In the duel in the lead the Dutch René Lammers got the better of Parolin-Iame, son of former F1 driver Jan Lammers, winner of the final after a sprint with Slovenian Mark Kastelic on KR-Iame. The Slovenian's teammate, Antonio Apicella, was also among the best ever, who went on to take third place on the podium in front of the Asian driver Tiziano Monza also on KR-Iame.

MINI International Group 3 Trophy classification after the first round: 1. Lammers 85 points; 2. Kastelic 69; 3. Apicella 57; 4. Monza 43; 5. Bogunovic 35.

In the 60 Mini Nazionale the top duel mainly involved Filippo Sala and Gabriel Moretto, both on Parolin-Tm. At the end Sala prevailed in a sprint finish ahead of Moretto, third was Paolo Russo (KR-Tm).

National Mini 60 Trophy classification after the first round: 1. 88 points room; 2. Moretto 65; 3. Russian 61; 4. Biasatti 45; 5. Monzani 43.

Entry Level in Gryc, with 21 participants.

Excellent presence in the Entry Level, with a line-up of 21 drivers confirming the positive trend that the category is achieving. After the pole position in practice conquered by Giuseppe Noviello (FPK-Tm), in the Prefinal and in the Final the success went to Bruno Gryc (Parolin-Tm) in both races ahead of Noviello. Excellent third place achieved by the young Russian Sofia Povazhnaia (Parolin-Tm).

Trophy classification after the first round: 1. Gryc points 85; 2. Noviello 72; 3. Povazhnaia 57; 4. Serraiotto 47; 5. Muzzolon 39.

Following the provisions to contain the spread of Covid-19, the event was held behind closed doors. All the results on the website

The final round of the Autumn Trophy is scheduled for 11 October, on that occasion, in addition to the National categories, the ROK and KFA categories will also be on the track for the Nations Cup.

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