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Great registration opening for the 24 Hours Karting of Italy by CRG
21 January 2023

In a few days, after the official registration opening last December, over 15 teams have already been registered in the Entry List of the 24 Hours Karting of Italy 2023, with crews that come from China, the Czech Republic, Romania, Belgium, Switzerland and of course Italy. The event organized by CRG, with the single-management formula of its CRG Centurion karts equipped with Honda 390cc engines, will take place on the weekend of March 25-26 on the 7 Laghi Kart track in Castelletto di Branduzzo, Italy.

The goal of the organizers is to reach 40 teams soon, confirming the presence of some of the most competitive teams on the International Endurance scene. The CRG event will not only be a challenge with high competitive content for the top Endurance karting teams. In fact, there is also a lot of interest and attention towards the special Silver ranking, which will include amateur squads.

Like every edition, CRG is taking care of all the organizational aspects, both on the technical front and as regards the services offered to the teams. As far as the technical sector is concerned, it is worth saying that over 45 brand new karts will be produced to offer the teams maximum technical balance and on-track assistance will be provided by the CRG Racing Department, which is a guarantee of professionalism. From an organizational point of view, on the other hand, the race will have international visibility, thanks to over 12 hours of live streaming on CRG’s YouTube and Facebook channels, a network which, through the hundreds of shares of the teams and the drivers on the social networks, will reach thousands of enthusiasts.

In addition to the great visibility also guaranteed by many media initiatives, teams will enjoy a package of international meeting services, such as the racetrack monitoring with a closed circuit camera system available to race direction.

As far as the regulations are concerned, we remind you that teams must be made up of a minimum of 4 and a maximum of 8 drivers (10 for the Silver squads) and that the rules for the strategies will be very free with the simple imposition of 30 driver changes for the “Pro” teams and 35 for the “Silver” ones.

For more information on the event, please write to the CRG Organizational Secretariat: [email protected]

Useful information

- Registration fee: Euro 2,600.00 + VAT per team
- Regulation: click here
- Official presentation of the event: click here

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