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Great success for the Rental Kart World Contest registration opening
12 August 2023

Dozens of drivers from all over the world have already registered in the first hours after the opening of the race entries for the 2023 edition of the Rental Kart World Contest, the Sprint formula event that CRG will organise on the Castelletto di Branduzzo track in Italy, from October 20 to October 22. More than 10 countries already represented with drivers who have registered from China, Germany, Spain, Holland, the Czech Republic and Portugal, for an entry list which, in addition to seeing many countries represented, will certainly be made up of very competitive drivers from the Rental Kart world.

In this regard, we remind you that individual drivers must register using the online form on the CRG official website, where they can also indicate their own Team or the reference Rental track as Competitor. For the teams, in fact, a ranking and an award ceremony will be drawn up which will include the sum of the scores of their drivers.

There is great interest in the CRG Contest, an event that will include the highest organisational standards and a fleet of more than 45 brand new Centurion karts at the drivers’ disposal. It is worth saying that, in each stage of the race, individual drivers will use a different kart, drawing it by lot at each entry onto the track, from Free Practice to the Finals. The formula for establishing the two competing categories among the 180 drivers admitted to the event is also innovative: PRO and SILVER. At the end of Free Practice, in fact, based on the standings of the best times obtained, the top 90 drivers on the scoreboard will go to the PRO category, while the drivers classified from 91st to 180th will make up the entry list of the SILVER one.

To better illustrate the event to the interested drivers, please find below the answers to the most frequently asked questions registered by the Organising Secretariat:

How can I register for the event and how much does it cost?
Participation is reserved for the first 180 drivers over the age of 14 who will register as DRIVERS on the CRG website ( Each driver can be represented by a COMPETITOR (ENTRANT), which has to be indicated in the registration form and that will participate with each of its drivers in the TEAM classification. The entry fee for each individual driver in front of all track activities (from Friday to Sunday) is Euro 490,00.

What is the format of the event?
The event will be divided into 3 days of competition, from Friday, October 20, to Sunday, October 22. On the first day, each driver will attend 4 Free Practice sessions for a total of 1 hour of driving on the track (4 sessions of 15′ each with a different kart). The first two sessions will provide knowledge of the track and the kart, while the two afternoon sessions will be timed and will establish a general classification from which the first 90 drivers will be admitted to the PRO category and the drivers classified from 91st to 180th will make up the SILVER one. Saturday will be dedicated to the official Qualifying Practice and the Heats (Qualifying races) that each category (PRO and SILVER) will compete separately, also in this case with a different kart drawn at each entrance to the track. Finally, on Sunday, the Heats will be completed, which will directly qualify the first 36 drivers on the board for the Final, while the non-qualified will play a Repechage Race, which will admit the last 6 drivers to the Finals to make up a grid of 42 finalists in the PRO class and 42 Finalists in the SILVER one. The Finals of both categories will take place on Sunday afternoon with the podium for the first 6 classified drivers in each Final.

What does the winner get?
Both the winning drivers of the PRO and the SILVER Finals will be the Champions of the 2023 World Contest. For the first 6 classified drivers in each category there will be a podium ceremony and the 1st classified driver in the PRO class will receive a new CRG FS4 kart of the Briggs category worth about 4.000,00 Euro. For the 1st classified driver in the SILVER category, CRG will offer free participation in the last round of the Briggs Kart Championship scheduled in Cremona in November 2023.

For any further information, please have a look at the full Regulation of the event by clicking HERE or contact the Organising Secretariat by sending an e-mail to: [email protected].

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