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The definitive 2020 calendar of WSK Promotion
Giovanni Mele
26 November 2019

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The 2020 calendar is definitive, for the new season of WSK Promotion.

WSK Promotion has formalized the new competition season, making the calendar of international karting events scheduled for 2020 definitive. The collaboration of the WSK brand continues with the most important Italian tracks, which will host a total of 11 events, distributed from January to November throughout the season. As is now tradition, an important part of the calendar will take place as early as the first few months of the year. The protagonists of each race will be the OK and OK Junior international classes together with the 60 Mini, to which will be added the KZ2 on 6 occasions.

2020 starts again from Adria. Highlight event, the Midsummer Night Event.

After the two historical series of the WSK Super Master Series and the WSK Euro Series, the WSK Open Cup stands out at the end of the season, this year structured on the two stages of Adria and Lonato. At the opening and closing of the calendar, the two traditional single events of the WSK Champions Cup and the WSK Final Cup. This is the physiognomy of the WSK season which is in full preparation, in which the highlight of Adria is confirmed, which on the 26th July, at the height of summer, will end the European Series at night, with the now classic Night Event.

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