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Intrepid’s comeback with Emilien Denner
08 April 2021

He is French, he has just turned 19 and he is full of talent! His friends call him Emil and for the karting world he is the 2019 KZ2 World Champion …

Do you know who we are talking about?

Intrepid returns in style to the track in the premier Class of world karting! Emilien Denner is the official Intrepid KZ/KZ2 Driver for the 2021 season! After years of downtime dedicated to technical development, the Salizzole-based company, founded by Mirko Sguerzoni in 2002, is ready to face international competitions with an exceptional team.

This weekend, Emilien Denner will make his debut with Intrepid at
the first round of the WSK Euro Series at the South Garda Karting circuit in Lonato. "I had the choice between 4 proposals to participate in European and World racing programs this year in karting. I chose the Intrepid team because I liked Mr. Sguerzoni's
ambitions and strong desire to develop and succeed. I am also
delighted to work with the TM engine tuner Cédric Goudant, whom I like very much. We will have a very interesting package to develop and which should lead us soon to an optimal performance to put us in a position to fight for victory when the variables are met. My goal is to win the FIA European and World Championship with Intrepid and TM engines. I am really happy and motivated to join this prestigious factory that shone at the highest level 10 years ago and I will do everything I can with the team around me to make it shine again.”

Emilien Denner and Intrepid are both 19 years old, is it a coincidence or a sign of destiny? Intrepid and its top driver, with the support of the entire technical team, are ready to take on the challenges of competition with enthusiasm, determination and professionalism.

The Intrepid factory will provide Emilien Denner with the latest evolution of the Escape chassis which has already achieved excellent results at national and international level.

The WSK Euro Series is the ideal way to start this challenge with prestige and excellence. Intrepid will come back to fly high with its famous Hawk that has dominated for years the top positions at the highest world level.

Press Release © Intrepid Driver Program

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